On Coming Back Stronger

Today, I’m sharing thoughts on something I’ve been struggling with lately. I’m sharing because sometimes I feel like it feels good to get things out of your system, and maybe someone reading can relate to what I’m feeling. I also don’t believe that I should only post when I have an awesome weekend or run a crazy long race…I’ve been struggling, and in the spirit of full disclosure, I am going to talk about it. The main reason, though, why I’m writing about this is that I’m hoping that in a few months, I can look back on this post and feel proud about how far I’ve come. [Also, future me will probably laugh at current me for being so dramatic. Whatever, screw future me!]

Anyway, I digress.

This morning, I ran for the first time in 2015. Continue reading


Friday Favorites

Hi all, and welcome 2015! Sadly I haven’t updated since I took a few minutes to look back on 2014.

For the most part, I was too busy enjoying my holiday break to keep up with posting…And then, back to reality I went! Having a break between Christmas and New Years was nice, even if some of that time was emotionally draining (after she passed away on December 22nd, we had a memorial service for my grandma on January 2nd).

It sure has been rough getting back into the swing of things (I came down with a gnarly chest cold my 2nd day back in the office and haven’t ran or worked out since :( ), but a few things have been keeping me sane that I want to share with you today. In true Run Now, Wine Later fashion, they are mostly all either fitness or food related :-P

1. PERSU Collection


A few of my friends from high school had been posting on Facebook and Insta about these amazing fashionable and functional gym bags and I eventually realized that they were created by a girl I went to elementary and high school with! Steph is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the first round of production of her two bags, the Jessica bag (above) and the Tom bag (below): Continue reading


Christmas Weekend in Photos

Hello everyone and I hope you had a merry Christmas!

It was a bittersweet Christmas for me and my family. As many of my friends, family, and followers know, my grandmother passed away one week ago today, the Monday before Christmas. Almost exactly 3 months after a diagnosis of liver and pancreatic cancer, she passed in her own home, in the company of several of her children.

Her sickness was obviously devastating to our family, but I take comfort in the fact that she was up and about, feeling good for several months following her diagnosis. She was diagnosed on my birthday (September 24th). I am glad that she got to meet Russell (who she adored and ordered around like he was one of her own grandsons), that she got to follow every mile of my half marathon online and gave me so much support, and that we all got to spend one last Thanksgiving together. Thanksgiving was the first time that I was able to actually notice that her health was indeed declining, and Thanksgiving was the last time I saw her alive. It was a very special day. Continue reading


What I Want for Christmas

If my dad’s side of the family has instilled one value in me — apart from an appreciation of fart jokes, a lack of manners at the dinner table, and unconditional love for each other — it has to be the awareness of how fortunate we are.


We all love each other, we all have a roof over our head…and, perhaps the most taken for granted of all, we all have food on our plates.

During many Christmases throughout the years, my Grandma and Papa have taken a moment amidst all of the frenzied gift opening to tell everyone to PIPE DOWN! and listen to them describe the gifts they were most proud of purchasing that year on behalf of the Hanzlik Family.

A flock of chicks, a heifer, two goats, three sheep…

In our earlier years, we were too preoccupied with our shiny new toys or matching gifts (Grandma used to go to Old Navy and buy the same fleece sweater or beanie for all 15+ of us, in varied colors and sizes…lol) for Grandma and Papa’s speech to really sink in. But somewhere in there, as I grew older (and wiser, and better looking ;) ), I began to realize the importance in what my grandparents did every year.

Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

My grandparents love charities. But I’d venture to guess that Heifer International is my Grandma’s favorite. Continue reading


Weekend in Photos

A little belated, but I figured Monday night was a better time than never at all to share pictures from my weekend!

Between coming back to work after the holiday for a hectic week at the office last week, and a busy day today that involved 6 hours of meetings, I made sure to cherish every moment of this past weekend, and took it relatively easy.

IMG_9582The weekend kicked off with the Kings game on Friday night. Shannon’s parents have season tickets and were kind enough to let us use them for the night! We played the Pacers and though we had the lead the entire game, it ended up going into overtime and we won by 1 point (!!!) Continue reading


Four Things

So I’ve been seeing this survey floating around the blogosphere lately, and in the name of laziness and a full week of no posts (and a love of surveys) I am filling it out today. Enjoy!

1. Four names that people call me, other than my real name: (I cheated- my real name is Katherine!)

  • Katie
  • MKG (Mary Katherine Gallagher)
  • Katie Rose
  • Stinky (I’m lookin at you, Russell ;) )

2. Four jobs I have had:

  • Tour guide/Freshman Orientation Staff at UCSB
  • Intern x 3 (in a legislative office, at a weekly newspaper, and at my current office prior to being hired full-time)
  • YMCA Day Camp Counselor
  • Account Coordinator (current role!)

Continue reading


Giving Thanks

This year, more than most years, I feel like I have a lot to be thankful for.

I remember looking back on 2013, feeling pretty lost, and thinking, “I began this year in a relationship and employed, and I am ending it single and without a job.” Of course, this was a little pessimistic of me, being that I had been hired just before Christmas and scheduled to start my new job mid-January.

I’ve mentioned my feelings about this before, but having hard times really makes you appreciate when things start to go your way. That, plus recent family illness, make it pretty easy for me to identify what I am thankful for this year. Continue reading


Spaghetti Squash Boats with Sausage Ragu

Attention everyone: I made a new recipe!

Not only did I make a new recipe, but it even turned out amazing enough that I am sharing it with you today.

Not only did I make a recipe amazing enough to share with you today, but it is also healthy, veggie-heavy, AND carnivore-pleasing.

In the words of Queen Ina, “How bad can that be?”

For the past several autumn/winter seasons, I have been pretty much obsessed with spaghetti squash. I even taught y’all how to make it almost 2 years ago.

One medium-sized squash will run about $3 a pop at Safeway, can feed me for 2-3 meals, and they are much easier to prepare than acorn or butternut squash. There’s no peeling of a strange looking gourd involved, AKA fewer flesh wounds for Katie ;) Continue reading


Weekend in Photos

Funny story about how I forgot to post this yesterday. Let’s just pretend like Monday didn’t happen (I have a feeling no one will have any complaints about skipping a Monday!) and get on to pictures of my fabulous weekend. K? K.

Most of my weekend was spent in sunny San Diego, which you may know if you follow me on Instagram.


I was there for work, and our only goal when arriving on Thursday night was MEXICAN FOOD. After 4 years in Southern California for college, one of the things I miss the most (besides the ocean, of course) is good Mexican food. We went to Old Town Mexican Cafe in Old Town SD and it was super good, albeit a little touristy. Continue reading