Weekend in Photos: Wedding Edition

After 3-4 days of 100+ degree days last week, we got an almost perfect weekend here! Luckily for my high school friend Ryan, it was only in the mid-high 80’s all weekend, because…

He got married! It was up in the Sierras past Placerville, and completely outdoors from ceremony to reception! So you can see why the weather played an important role 😉 It was the first of two weddings I’ll be attending with my cast this summer — luckily since I knew very few people at the wedding, I only had to tell the story of how I broke it 2 or 3 times.

That may not be the case when my cousin Evan gets married in a couple of weeks – my dad’s family is LARGE, and I imagine I’ll be explaining my giant purple cast to lots of extended family members!

All in all, it was a great weekend, especially since T-Man got the night off to come with me to the wedding 🙂

On Friday night, we went to our new favorite pub/tavern in T-Man’s neighborhood, Bonn Lair. This is not from then…this is from when we went on Tuesday night and played iPhone games for 2 hours. (We’re both 12 year old boys at heart)

Hilarious coaster at aforementioned Bonn Lair trip (only PROBABLY the best beer) — Kaffir Lime & Avocado popsicle and a Negro Modelo with lime. The popsicle was so GOOD! They also had one flavored like Thai Tea & Sweet Potato! — Me rocking Shop Chic Stud shades to the wedding

The happy couple! (Hilary’s dress was beige/cream-colored.. So gorgeous and unique!) — T-Man and I waiting for the ceremony to start — Cutting the tiny cake that sat atop their mini cupcake-cake! — First dance on a beautiful outdoor dance floor!

Congrats Ryan and Hilary!

I also made these this weekend:

HOLY COW, how come no one ever told me how good homemade kale chips are?! Expect a recipe soon, folks!

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