Rainy Weekend in Photos

Thank you all for your kind words on Friday. I knew I could rely on the blogosphere for support 🙂

But this week is a new week, and the fact that the whole city was literally under water most of the weekend makes it a little easier to figuratively wash last week out of my memory 🙂 Plus, it’s an exciting day at work today…all the new Senators and Assemblymembers are getting sworn in, so the Capitol area is pretty hoppin’! T-Man and I are hoping to crash a Swearing In party or two later 😉

I have a Meatless Monday recipe that I really wanted to share today, but I wasn’t able to take photos of it last night so it will have to wait! I guess I was just too busy taking other miscellaneous pictures this weekend:


This started with some retail therapy — I bought new running shoes on Friday during my lunch break. They are very similar to my old shoes (I can’t seem to like anything but Asics!), but thanks to Fleet Feet I got fitted to be sure I’m wearing the right kind of shoes for my busted up feet this time around!


Check out the stairs to my apartment! Most of the Midtown area is severely hazardous these days…those leaves are slippery!! — Not gonna lie, we spent most of this weekend indoors playing board games.


New obsession: pomegranate arils. I had rarely had them before ’cause I’d never bought one and attempted to de-seed it. Not too bad at all!


Except Saturday afternoon! We stopped by Starbucks to get holiday lattes: Eggnog for T-Man, Peppermint pour moi. Then we saw The Sessions. ‘Tis the season for Oscar-worthy flicks! We both agreed that the movie was very good, and definite Oscar bait! (On my To-See list: Lincoln, Life of Pi, Argo, Wreck It Ralph, Silver Linings Playbook…)


Saturday night, I invaded our friends’ kitchen to cook spaghetti squash & meatballs. Add in Guillotine, some adorably shy kittens, and these cookies (omg omg so good), and you’ve got yourself an awesome night!


Egg + bell peppers + hot sauce + a slice of sourdough = My perfect breakfast!

Did you eat anything new or fun this weekend? No seriously, I love hearing about food…

12 thoughts on “Rainy Weekend in Photos

    • It’s awful (not to mention slippery!) because they’re all wet from 3+ days of rain! Our boyfriends keep trying to clear it for us, but the leaves seem never-ending…

  1. That breakfast looks/sounds divine!! I definitely need to try it with a piece of sourdough bread. And I love pomegranates! I, too, have neglected buying for fear of seeding them and such…but its not a horrible process. The end is worth it!

    • Hahaha I woke up this morning and realized that someone had swept away all the leaves from ALL the surrounding houses but not ours! Wtf?!

      While I only buy lame healthy bread, T-Man only buys sourdough! So I eat it all the time at his place!

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