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Hey friends! Welcome to my new and improved blog, Run Now, Wine Later.

I’m still working out some design kinks, but for the most part you are seeing a new and improved blog!

Like I said back at the ol’ blog, there are a few reasons for the switch:

This phrase truly does epitomize the essence of Katie in a number of ways. It not only highlights what I usually write about in my “healthy living blog” (pretty much every single one of my Weekend in Photos posts is a compilation of workout selfies juxtaposed with pictures of mimosas at brunch)…but it also reflects the philosophy I’ve worked to adopt these past few years:
Get your booty movin’ each morning so that you can earn that glass of wine or beer after work. Eat fruit and granola for breakfast and a salad for lunch so you can indulge on a burger and fries for dinner. Being healthy and happy is not about depriving yourself, but about finding a healthy balance.

Anyway, I have a lot of things planned for this new look and new motto, including upcoming races and new and different fitness challenges. But before we tackle that, let’s kick things off with one of my favorite regular posts… my weekend in photos!

photo 2

On Friday, I stayed in to finish season 2 of Orange is the New Black and eat snacks for dinner. Cheese, crackers, celery, Onnit trilogy nut butter, veggies and hummus. ALL THE MOST IMPORTANT FOOD GROUPS.

photo 4

I woke up bright n’ early to practice with my Ultimate Frisbee team. Chris led us in a bunch of drills (doesn’t he look official drawing guidelines in the dirt with a stick?) and I got in a good 5,000 steps before noon. Successful Saturday morning, if you ask me! Good thing I really like this game, because it was hot as balls.

photo 3

To be honest, the rest of my day was spent designing and backgrounds for the new blog and trying to figure out how to switch over to a self-hosted site. My first break of the day was to check out the new BevMo that conveniently just opened 5 blocks from my apartment. My bank account is really in for it now, you guys….

Later, I met up with Chris and his buddy and watched them hustle a couple guys in pool……and then get hustled themselves. Note to self: nerdy lookin’ Asians with glasses are apparently extremely good at pool.

photo 5

Since I practiced Ultimate instead of running on Saturday, I went for a super successful long run on Sunday morning. Longest distance in a while, plus it was my speediest long run since April!

Running 9 miles meant that I felt no guilt for indulging in brunch and mimosas while I camped out at a bar to save seats for my friends and I to watch the USA vs Portugal game. I was kinda decked out. Juuuust a little. Afterward, I brought Shannon to dodgeball with me (where we had tie dye theme night) 🙂 Love her!

Once again, it was a great weekend with a nice balance of chill and fun. Now if only Portugal hadn’t pulled off that stupid goal in the last 30 seconds…. 🙁

What did you do this weekend?

Do you like watching the World Cup? Who’s your team?

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    • Katie @ Run Now Wine Later says:

      Thanks Julie! I got the shirt from an Etsy shop…there are a ton of Etsy shops that sell motivational/funny ladies workout shirts and it’s a pretty popular phrase so you can prob find a lot of options!

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