Fitness Friday — Oops I Did It Again

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Happy Friday!

Thanks for all of your support and patience with my blog switch! I am really excited about my new name and the new site. Now that I worked out all my design kinks (guess who is now a CSS pro — THIS girl!), I promise you’ll be seeing a lot more content generation.

I have a lot of exciting things coming up, including races and a repeat of last year’s 3-day pre-July 4th juice cleanse! I’m pumped to be doing it again because this time, they include a salad each day, AND three of my coworkers will be doing it too so we will all be HANGRY healthy together. 😉 #HealthHappensHere #solidarity


But more on that next week!

This week’s story is about how I am a crazy person…

I knew I wanted to run another half marathon the minute I finished my first one:

…or maybe its just the post-race beer I want to repeat!

I decided I wanted to do a race in the fall, and started toying with the idea of running the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco.

However, it is super expensive ($180), and super popular (25,000 people run it!). You also get a Tiffany’s necklace at the end, presented to you by firefighters in tuxes.

Apparently, those benefits outweighed the disadvantages…

FB post

A little over a week ago, I entered the lottery. Somehow, putting in your credit card information doesn’t feel as bad when you think there’s a pretty good chance you won’t get picked…



Is it just me or did everyone who register get into the race? So far everyone I’ve talked to got in!


Anyway, that’s neither here nor there…I’m clearly just going off on a tangent to avoid the real issue here…

I have to start training again.

(by the way, The Oatmeal’s comics about running are amazing and if you haven’t read them you should.)

The guy has a point. There is nothing fun about running for 2 hours straight.

Nor is there anything fun about pounding the pavement so often and so hard that you have to ice your knees three times per week.

You’d think I’d learn from the knee and hip pain, the black toenail, the early morning runs…

But that’s not what I’m choosing to remember about my race.

I remember the overwhelming sense of accomplishment afterward, and how strong I felt after finishing mile 13 (above). Followed by a St Patty’s day barbecue, it was seriously one of the best days I’ve had this year.

I’ve decided that my training is going to look a lot different this time around. For my first half, I ran 3 times per week: 3 miles on Tuesdays, 4-5.5 miles on Thursdays, and long runs on Saturdays. Since my race, I have kept up my 8-9 mile runs on Saturdays, but I only run once during the week, and play Ultimate Frisbee one night per week (which, OMG- holy running hell.)

Rather than adding another day of running into my plan, I’m going to continue attending Tabata Bootcamp at my gym at least once a week. I’m thinking about trying a spin class as well, because on September 6th I will be riding in a 30 mile bike race! But more on that later 😉

Stay tuned for an official training plan, but since the race is almost 4 months away, I’m not in a huge hurry to set anything in stone just yet.

I’m looking forward to October 19th being another great day!

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What’s your favorite race you’ve ran?

How do you train for races?


12 thoughts on “Fitness Friday — Oops I Did It Again

  1. I’ve only ever done a 5K, but I trained for it by running the 3.1 miles. Haha. I loved the mud run I did because it broke up all that running. Congrats on getting selected!

  2. Wooohooooo for another half (not woohoo for another juice cleanse, lol!) – You are going to rock it and since your race is the week after my half, we can cheer each other on. AND be lame on Friday nights together 😉 xo

    • Hahaha I know, it’s one of my coworkers last days today and there’s donuts and it’s ALL I WANT TO EAT. I have been bad lately though so this should be a good reset! Early morning training runs will be a good way to deter me from being bad too 😉

  3. SO exciting! Not the juice cleanse, that sounds god awful (Bahaha love youuu) but I’m so excited that you got in! I would run 13.1 miles for a hottie to hand me a Tiffany’s necklace, uh huh uh huh uh huh…. but the ‘ol knee is a pain in my tush. Perhaps I need to make a trip to Cali to cheer you on! 😉

    • Katie @ Run Now Wine Later says:

      Absolutely!! Plus it’s in San Francisco so you can visit your friend in nearby San Jose too 😉

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