Peel’d 3-Day Cleanse Recap

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Well, here we are on Thursday, and I’ve survived my 3-day Peel’d Cleanse!

Here’s a recap of what I wasn’t allowed to eat:

Refined Sugar

As a supplement to your three day diet of basically fruits, veggies, and nuts, Peel’d supplies a smoothie, two juices, and a salad each day. Here’s my recap!

Day 1:

Breakfast: Peel’d fruit/protein smoothie, fruit salad (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, nectarines), green tea (I know, I know, it’s caffeine, but very little! And green tea is a natural detoxifier!)

Snack: mixed nuts

Lunch: Green Goblin juice* with my Peel’d Salad: mixed greens, kalamata olives, red onion, cucumbers and vinaigrette

More snacks: Mixed nuts

Dinner: Sweet tart juice** with sauteed rainbow chard, cauliflower, and pattypan squash

Dessert: couple of handfuls of cherries and a spoonful of raw almond butter

the first smoothie!

the first smoothie!

Thoughts after Day 1:

After hitting the gym on Saturday and running 8.6 miles on Sunday, Monday was a rest day. This probably explains why I never felt super hungry throughout the day…until after dinner time. I’m not sure if it was actual hunger I was experiencing, or if I’m just really used to having something sweet after dinner and was craving dessert. Either way the day wasn’t too bad overall. It felt like a normal day of eats for me!

I’m a little worried about getting enough protein because I plan on working out tomorrow. I realized that a couple of the protein bars that I got from Blend are both vegan and gluten free with very few ingredients, all of which I’m allowed to eat…except that they have dried egg whites, and I’m supposed to be avoiding eggs. I might make a smoothie with plant-based protein to eat before the gym instead. I’m already cheating with the green tea so I want to stick with it everywhere else. We shall see!

Day 2:

Pre-gym snack: I decided the Rx bar would be cheating, so I mixed up some Plant Fusion vegan/soy-free protein powder and almond milk and sipped it while I walked to the gym.

Breakfast: Peel’d smoothie with pineapple, kale, protein powder and almond milk. Plus green tea. No snack needed till lunch!

Lunch: Green Goblin juice* with my Peel’d Salad: it was mostly mixed cabbage with carrots, red onion, cilantro and vinaigrette. I also had roasted seaweed (vegan and GF!)

Snack: a couple handfuls of mixed nuts after the USA game bc I thought I might pass out from excitement!

Dinner: blueberry lime juice*** with a yummy steak salad my mom made- sans steak of course 😉

Dessert: My parents didn’t leave much for me haha so I also had an orange, almonds, and a spoonful of sunbutter.

juice, a bucket full of cabbage, and a heartbreaking USA vs Belgium game

juice, a bucket full of cabbage, and a heartbreaking USA vs Belgium game

Thoughts after Day 2:

To be honest, Day 2 still wasn’t too bad on the hunger front. I kept it light at the gym- used one of the easier ellipticals and did core work. The protein beforehand helped. I continued drinking green tea (I think 2 throughout the day) but still kind of had a low grade headache most of the day. I remember headaches being part of my cleanse last year (last year I actually completely cut caffeine but wasn’t drinking coffee like I do now..), so maybe that means it’s working 😉

I cheated a little with dinner…my mom didn’t know I was coming over when she made the salad and it had blue cheese in it. I picked out as much as I could, but probably ate some. Oh well! Interestingly, I have felt semi bloated at the end of the night both days. Maybe too many nuts?

One day left! I’m hoping I will have enough energy to kick butt at Ultimate tomorrow night. It’s a lot of running!

Day 3:

Breakfast: the smoothie was DELICIOUS. Cacao, dates, protein powder and almond milk…maybe banana too? Plus green tea.

Snack: I had my Green Goblin juice* around 11 because I was feeling hungry but felt like it was too close to lunch to snack.

Lunch: Peel’d Salad: it was…interesting. Mostly kale, with shredded brussels sprouts, shaved almonds, red onion, plus vinaigrette and I think some parsley. We all had trouble choking this one down…I also had seaweed.

Snack: a couple handfuls of mixed nuts

Pre-Ultimate Frisbee: Grapefruit “sweet and bitter” juice**** around 5pm because I was feeling sluggish. Then a smoothie with chocolate Plant Fusion protein, banana, mango & power Nuttzo.

During/Post-Ultimate Frisbee: I caved and had the Rx Bar halfway through my game because I was getting winded really quickly. Afterward, I had a light beer. SUE ME!! 😉

waaaayy too much roughage

waaaayy too much roughage

my last juice! and so festive

my last juice! and so festive

Thoughts after Day 3:

I slept great on both Monday and Tuesday evenings, and felt good, but I doubt I had much weight change. {Edit on Thursday morning after weighing myself: I was totally wrong. I lost 3-4 pounds!} I didn’t have the same ‘flat stomach’ effect I did when I did this last year.

We all had a really hard time with day 3. I think knowing that the end was near did a number on us psychologically, but what’s more, I think my body was finally catching up with me. When I was in a meeting around 2:30, I started feeling really light headed and a little queasy and had to excuse myself. Mixed nuts and a piece of gum helped.

I have been walking everywhere this week and I walked 10,000 steps before my Ultimate Frisbee game even started. The game involved running another nearly 7,000 steps (which is the equivalent of 4-5 miles) because we only had one female sub and were playing a TOUGH team. I’m surprised I made it through without passing out or getting light headed, but I was definitely feeling it and had one of my Rx bars halfway through. And then I celebrated afterward with a light beer at the bar. 😉

a well deserved BREWSKI!

a well deserved BREWSKI!

Post-Cleanse Thoughts/Recap

My feelings about this cleanse are very similar now to when I did it last year. I think it’s a great thing for people to do if they think they need to reset their diet. I noticed a few benefits, including being able to realize when I’m hungry vs just bored, or when I’m hungry vs. just craving sugar.

I think this cleanse is primarily designed to get people to incorporate more fruits and veggies into their diet, and that makes it a good thing. However, I’m pretty good about eating veggies with at least 2 meals per day as it is. A lot of this cleanse incorporated the same kind of meals I usually eat anyway (salad for lunch, stir fry for diner), just minus carbs and cheese.

I didn’t feel great yesterday and I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that I am at a much higher level of physical activity than I’ve ever been — even if I kept it “light” these past few days exercise-wise, my metabolism was probably still moving at the same speed it’s used to, and in turn burning calories/expending energy at the same level. I definitely did not benefit from the lack of carbs and protein in my diet these past few days.

Going Forward

My plan going forward, for at least the next couple of days, is to stay as close to a vegetarian diet as I can. I’ll also also probably avoid carbs and fried food when possible. This is of course big talk coming the day before July 4th, haha, but I will at least try! I had a Quest Bar (yay I missed them) after the gym this morning, and a big ol’ veggie stir fry for lunch with mixed nuts, so I am still on track…at least, for now.

As far as achievable long-term goals go, I think I will go back to drinking mostly green tea, unless I feel like I really need a coffee pick me up. I will probably stick with my preference for plant-based protein sources, and I will try to continue incorporating veggies into at least 2 meals per day.

Overall I’m glad I did it again, and I’m especially glad I had my three fabulous coworkers along for the ride! They were a great support system, even if we all ended up cheating last night 😉

Have a great Fourth of July!

Have you ever done a juice cleanse?

What’s the best/worst “diet” plan you’ve followed? (e.g. vegan, paleo, GF, etc.)

Juice ingredients:

*Green Goblin: kale, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon, lime, ginger

**Sweet Tart: Lemon, Orange, Lime, Cranberry, Celery, Apple

***Blueberry: Blueberry, Lime, Celery, Apple

****Grapefruit: Grapefruit, orange, cucumber, apple

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  1. So glad I get to experience this cleanse vicariously through you without doing it myself 🙂 Kidding… kinda! Glad you survived, and I think it’s always a good thing to press the reset button. Hope you had a happy Fourth!

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