Weekend in Photos

It seems like these weekend recaps are the only kind of posts I’ve been able to consistently post lately — sorrrrryyyyy.

No matter how busy I am with work (and life), there is always one constant: I will always document everything I do with pictures. I have always been the ‘one with the camera’ ever since high school…I used to take pictures at school and post them on my friends’ MySpace walls for everyone to see. YUP, MySpace. Hows that for a throwback?

Anyway, that is why I will always post these weekend recaps. If nothing else, this blog serves as a great place for me to document my young adulthood and all the fun it contains.

So without further ado…

photo 2

On Friday night, I went to Concerts in the Park to see !!! (Chk chk chk) perform. I actually went when they played at CIP last year too! I was even there with my same friends Danielle & Jeff (plus Chris & Russell) this time.

Afterward, we drank beer, spread the word about the upcoming Sactown Wings festival, and I was DJ for a hot minute. #justkidding #itsposed

photo 1

After a fun Friday night and in anticipation of another active Sunday, Saturday was for laziness. Brunch at Cornerstone: potatoes, peppers, eggs, toast, cheese, BACON, amazing.

This week I’ve had my parents’ car while they’re out of town and have been taking advantage of it by driving to all the places I can’t usually get to by bike — Saturday afternoon was no exception, as I drove to my parents house and lounged in their pool for a few hours. Russell took one for the team and took on the task of blowing up the pool floatie…probably the hardest thing either of us did all day 😉

Afterward, I achieved a lifelong dream (seriously) of going to a dingy run down dive bar in my parents’ that I’ve driven by nearly every day for the past 20 years: The Trap! We shared an IPA — standard — and the bar was just as divey as I imagined, and now I can say I’ve been there!

That night, I stayed in, cleaned my room, and got some much needed rest!

photo 4

I was up bright n’ early on Sunday morning to run some more errands with the car: I got some blood tests done (part of my yearly physical) and went to TRADER JOE’S!! It’s about 3 miles away from my apartment, which is definitely out of biking range for me. I got a pretty good haul and only dropped about $35, which was definitely a win in my book.

Since I’d had a full nights sleep and it overcast and not super hot, I decided to really push myself on my long run after getting back from TJ’s. I ran 9 miles and averaged 9:03/mi.  With the exception of my half marathon and one other 8.3 miler, this was my fastest long run ever. It felt awesome!

photo 5

Though my run was awesome, it was probably not the best choice — I had another full day of sports ahead of me! Apparently I didn’t learn last week when I spent all day Monday hobbling around sore from running, softball and dodgeball.

Even though I’m again insanely sore today, it was fun – we lost at softball before I ran into NORM on the street! Everyone’s favorite fat cat! We then went on to cream our opponents at dodgeball, and I had my favorite Sunday evening meal: french fries and IPA! 😉

Do you take pictures of everything too?

Where do you get your groceries?

6 thoughts on “Weekend in Photos

  1. Girl, you know I take photos of everything I do 😉 And I have been sending Kyle to the grocery store for us lately but we typically do TJ’s or WF’s or a local cheaper place that’s right behind our building. Looks like you had a great weekend per the usual! I hope you had a fab Monday – miss you!

  2. Yay, glad you used the car to go to TJ’s! I would have done the same – grocery shopping by bike is just NOT that much fun. Looks like you had an awesome weekend as always! Hope you were crippled on Monday from your sporty Sunday 🙂

    • Hahaha yessss, I do not miss it one bit but I definitely had some good times on that silly site!

      And I don’t know what was up with me last week but that was definitely not the norm for my pace. Sometimes I DGAF how fast I’m running…other times, I get stuck on a certain pace or goal time and get super into achieving it! Not the worst thing I guess..

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