Flashback/Fitness Friday – Color Run Edition

Last year, I did the Color Run.

color runI was still somewhat fresh off a rough breakup, had started using running as my therapy, and was SO STOKED that I could run 4 miles at a time.

I impulsively decided to go for it. I registered on site at the packet/tshirt/bib pick up location, and was excited to do something fun and active with new friends — I only knew 2 people in the group I was “running” with.


Oh, and I had a broken thumb.

1.5What I expected was a fun run that was not too serious….

5What I got was a booze-filled  leisurely walk, with the occasional hop skip and jump.








group1The cops had fun too 😉

8 9


I also learned my cast was the perfect shape for wielding a foam sword. (Important life lesson #8,973)

(Actual important life lesson: drinking wine out of a bag while walking –> purple stains all over your chest and shirt)

It was such a good time that I’ve decided to do it again!

Tomorrow, I’m running (OK, probably walking) with friends and thousands of strangers. And just like I would for any race, I’ve developed a training plan.

training plan

I think I’m going to do great 😉

Have a fun weekend!

Have you ever done the Color Run?

What is the funnest race you’ve ever participated in? The Color Run is always fun, but as for actual races, the crowd at the Run to Feed the Hungry 10K was SO energetic, it was a blast!

2 thoughts on “Flashback/Fitness Friday – Color Run Edition

  1. I’ve never done a color run but you make it sound like so much fun! Based on your photos, this year’s run looked like a blast too. I mean, when wine and mimosas come along with the run, how can it be bad??!

  2. Omg this is totally how fun runs are! My first one was a total shocker!! It was also a color run and 100 degrees out and I never found my group haha but the next ones were great bc I knew what to expect!

    Also now one of my life goals is to do a color run with you.

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