Weekend in Photos

Happy Monday! You may be extremely surprised to hear that I had a really fun weekend, filled with food, drinks, and minimal exercise. (sarcasm)

Today is the first day in over a week that the high temperature isn’t between 99-104, so even if it is Monday, it doesn’t feel like God’s oven outside sooo things could be worse. I did spend a fair amount of time in the sun this weekend though (if my red shoulders are any indication), which you will see:

photo 1As I not so subtly hinted on Friday, I did the Color Run 5K on Saturday. Instead of running 10 miles this weekend, I walked 5-7 (including walking to and from my apartment, to brunch, etc). And had a blast doing it. We didn’t look TOO bad when we finished (above)… but dancing in the middle of a color storm quickly changed that:

photo 4

It took me 2 showers to get all the blue and green out of my hair! And because it was the weekend and I am me, we obviously went to brunch afterward. Note to self: Firestone has really good food. And soggy, yet delicious chilaquiles.

photo 2

After basically napping the rest of the day away (and apologizing to Lisa, whose white tutu I borrowed is now a weird shade of green/blue/grey), we went out to give Russell’s friend Brandon a proper sendoff, as he is starting a new job in the Bay.

Is playing Connect 4 not a normal bar activity? Don’t answer that.

BUT I think we can all agree that watching Orange is the New Black is a normal and mandatory late night/weekend/any time/any place activity. #TeamRed

photo 3

After some much needed rest, I was treated to bacon in the morning (omg) before heading to softball. After a piece of pizza and a beer, I hopped over to dodgeball, then back to the bar for shuffleboard, Gaucho Ball, and beer pong… Katie’s Sundays in a nutshell. #allthegames #somanyactivities

And that’s that!

Have you ever done the Color Run?

What’s your favorite bar game? This weekend’s Connect 4 was a first…I love giant Jenga and Gaucho Ball (aka Rage Cage)

2 thoughts on “Weekend in Photos

  1. Hi!

    First, I love the name of your blog, basically describes me to a T! Second, Yes! I have done a Color Run. Last year I did the one in Seoul, Korea and it was a riot. We crazy Americans were a bit of a shock to some of the more timid Koreans but we just couldn’t help it 🙂

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