August Goals

Hi all!

I’m not gonna lie…I’ve been having a real hard time coming up with content to post lately. I think I’ve mentioned that a lot of my job involves writing newsletters, blog posts, social media, and the like, so when I come home and want to relax after a long day at work (I left my apartment at 5:45am for 6am bootcamp yesterday and, after leaving the office at 6pm, I stopped on the way home to run errands before returning around 7pm…. Long. Ass. DAY!)…writing more isn’t exactly the number one thing on my to-do list. (Usually the first thing on that list is to grab a glass of wine and some cheese. I wish I was kidding.)

So although I’ve been keeping up with many of the things I’d typically blog about — I’m still working out 5 days per week, and ~attempting~ to make 3 healthy meals per day — sometimes I just don’t have the energy to talk about it. Plus, I’m pretty sure a post about my workouts would just be a bunch of workout selfies in a row, and I think you’re all sick of those 😉

[[also, I lied…At least two of my dinners each week consist of french fries and IPA at the dodgeball bar. And allllll the ketchup 😉 ]]


However, one way this blog has always been helpful for me is that it is a great tool for keeping myself accountable. When I was training for my half marathon, when I decided I wanted to give myself a monthly budget (HAHAHA, says the girl who splurged on a Rebecca Minkoff purse last week)…even when I recorded New Years resolutions that I more or less felt pressured to follow through on solely because I posted them for the world to see.

So in the spirit of accountability, and because I saw it on Christina’s blog, I’m posting some August goals. Plus, come September 1st, I will have a built in topic to write about! Look at that, a double whammy.

1. Go to at least 2 Spin classes and on at least 2 long bike rides

In exactly one month, I will be riding the Best Buddies Challenge 30 Mile bike ride. (PS. Have you donated to my fundraising cause yet??) I have never ridden a road bike before, never taken a spin class, and never rode further than about 11 miles at once. So clearly I am a crazy person.

My gym offers spin classes and my good friend Lisa has offered to let me borrow her bike. Mine is just a cruiser and not exactly equipped for more than just riding around town, so I’m hoping to get a few long (at least 10-20 mile) rides in addition to my long runs before the 30 miler next month!

Screen shot 2014-08-05 at 9.38.41 PMI’ve actually started working on my training plan for my next half marathon and, though it’s 12 weeks long and I’m not sure how my training will look after week 8, I have modified the first 8 weeks to focus more on the 30 mile ride than running. I’m hoping to alternate between 6am Bootcamp and 5:45pm Spin class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I actually don’t have any weekday runs planned during that time.. However, I’m guessing that will probably change on days that I’m unwilling to wake up at 5:30 for Boot Camp, or commitments come up after work that prevent me from going to spin. We’ll see! As long as I have a framework for my training and keep on running my 8.5-9 miles each weekend, I know I’ll be in good shape for my half marathon.

2. Don’t buy lunch more than once per week

photo 3

I was so bad last week you guys. So. Bad. I only brought my lunch once. Luckily, I was treated to two lunches (because my job RULES. See above…we had a bridal shower for my coworker last week!) and only had to pay for two, but  those two lunches seriously cost me more than a whole week of homemade lunches would have! Not to mention calories, but we won’t talk about those 😉

3. Get back to the Farmer’s Market

I have only been once a month or so this summer, mostly because I’ve been prioritizing my long runs or other activities…But I forget that summer seriously reaps all the best produce. I went through a bag of tomatoes from my dad’s garden this month, but have only bought 2 (TWO!!) ears of corn this summer and hardly any zucchini! This time last year, I was eating zucchini like it was my job.

4. Eat real dinners

photo 1

This is probably my worst offense. I legitimately have cheese and crackers (plus sometimes carrots and hummus if I’m feeling fancy) for dinner at least 2 nights per week. Combine that with 2 nights of beer and French fries, and I’m probably tipping the scale away from that healthy “balance” I claim to strive for. I need to try to make real meals more often when I have the time. Plus, when I make enough for leftovers to bring for lunch the next day, I’m also solving that whole “don’t eat out at lunch” dilemma!

5. Conserve water when you can

This is not quite related to healthy eating and living, but it’s extremely important in California right now. We’re in an extreme drought and I have been trying to be mindful of how much water I use. Whether it be not letting the sink run when I brush my teeth or wash my face, or being mindful of how long my showers are, I’m trying to do my part!

Find out more information about the drought here.

That’s all for now! Have a great rest of the week?

How often do you buy lunch?

What are your goals for this month?

9 thoughts on “August Goals

  1. My job requires me to write a lot too, and I have absolutely no desire to spend more time writing and on the computer when I finish. I miss blogging, but I’d rather be outside! I’m with you on #4 – I’ve gotten away from making healthy dinners at home and keep picking up convenience meals at the grocery store instead. Good luck with your goals!

    • Katie @ Run Now Wine Later says:

      Yep, definitely no problem to me if I miss a post here or there. Blogging shouldn’t be an added stress, you know?

      At least convenience meals are better than snacks for dinner 😉 I definitely rely on frozen burritos much more than I should!

  2. Love your August goals! It’s such a great idea to set monthly goals. Lord knows I would have to go back to my January blog posts to see my New Year’s resolutions 🙂 My goals for this month are to live in the moment and to delight in the seemingly little, awesome things in life. And to start running more!!

  3. Katie @ Run Now Wine Later says:

    Haha yeah I don’t think I even set a new years resolution this year! I was training for my half marathon so I figured that was enough of a goal to strive for 😉

    I love your living in the moment goals. Good for life in general methinks!

  4. Bringing leftovers for lunch makes me happy – I feel like I’m being healthy and saving money all at once. Although cheese and crackers for dinner doesn’t sound all that bad either 🙂 You need something to fuel you up for all that biking and running, right?!

  5. I need to hit up the Farmer’s Market – ASAP! And I also need to stop eating out for lunch so much, it’s just I have so many lunch meetings, AH! I love eating at home and I totally miss it!!

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