Bipolar Weekend in Photos

Looking back on my weekend, I feel like it was a little bipolar.

Spent Friday at work eating cookies and champagne (long story) and Friday evening eating all.the.tacos… then spent Saturday morning running 8 miles.

Spent Saturday night dressed up and drinking wine and pink cocktails with the girls…then spent Sunday drinking beer at a football game.

I think weekends like this are extremely indicative of me and my interests…AKA all over the place 😉

photo 1

Like I said, Friday night consisted of food & fun: the Young Dems hosted a pool party/barbecue featuring amazing tacos from Chando’s Tacos. I couldn’t choose between chicken, steak & pork…so I had all 3 🙂

photo 2

I went for a long run on Saturday morning and made the mistake of not hitting the trail until 11:30 or so. Not smart. Between the heat, not having gone for a long run in 2 weeks, and a string of nights of 6 hours of sleep or less…it wasn’t a great run. I also thought I might actually have to stop around mile 5 because I got to my normal water fountain stop and the first 3 water fountains I found were turned off because of the drought. 🙁

I did find my iPhone’s sense of humor entertaining, though, when Let it Go from Frozen came on shuffle. I actually remember trying to visualize myself in freezing cold Arendelle to make the run less torturous. I can’t say it worked…

photo 3

My time in the sun was not limited to my Saturday morning run, however. I helped out at Sactown Wings, the very first ever chicken wing festival in Sacramento. I sampled some wings from Water’z Wingz while I camped out at the Bear Pong station. The turnout was great and the wings were delicious!

I left the festival celebrating wings and beer and made a complete 180 by joining some girl friends for dinner at Hock Farm for Briana’s birthday. I had kinda spoiled my dinner with the wings, so I kept it light and got a Caprese Salad. Definitely made up for my lack of farmers market visits this summer, the tomatoes were so fresh! The night involved a number of pink and/or bubbly drinks. Compared to the IPAs and whiskey I usually find myself drinking when I go out, it was nice to class it up for a change!

photo 4

We woke up bright and early on Sunday morning — luckily unscathed by the earthquake in Napa Valley, which happened only 50 miles away. We got up early to meet friends at a bus that would be taking us to the 49ers preseason game against the Chargers! Russell and I repeated our Color Run routine and made mimosas to share for the ride.

This season is the Niners’ first at Levi’s Stadium, which is brand new and insanely cool. We made sure to take advantage of cheesy photo ops (see above). Overall, I had an awesome time at my first “real” NFL game…plusss they won! Maybe someday I’ll get to see a regular season game 😉

That’s it for my weekend! Like I said, a nice balance of girly and athletic, active and gluttonous!

Does your town have any cool food or beer festivals?

Have you ever been to an NFL game or other pro sporting event? Which is your favorite to watch?

5 thoughts on “Bipolar Weekend in Photos

  1. Chicken wing festival sounds awesome! Denver has a lot of beer festivals but I have to say that I very much miss the annual mac-and-cheese cookoff that I used to go to every year in NYC 🙂

    • Katie @ Run Now Wine Later says:

      Umm that sounds amazing! What could be better than a festival devoted to carbs and cheese? (Answer: nothing!!!)

  2. Oh man, I feel ya on the NEVER RUNNING AGAIN feeling after this weekend. That was pure, freakin’ torture and a half. I wish we lived closer so we could run together! And I’m also glad to see that we both ate allllll the foods and drinks this weekend 😉 Priorities!

    • Katie @ Run Now Wine Later says:

      I knowwww how have we still never ran together!? Darn my hurt ankle at Blend this year! At least we got to boot camp together! And as far as eating all the food and drinks…I would expect nothing less from us 😉

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