August Goals — Check-in

So about those goals I made last month

I promise I’ve had this post ready for almost a week, but just haven’t had the time to add pictures until now. (Like you needed any more signs that I’m a photo taking queen…)

Normally today I’d be posting pictures of my weekend. I had one hell of a weekend at the Best Buddies Challenge: Hearst Castle, complete with dinners, barbecues, a VIP party at Hearst Castle…oh yeah, and a 30 mile bike ride down the Pacific Coast Highway. But it definitely warrants its own post, which is forthcoming 🙂

Til’ then, check out how I did on this month’s goals:

1. Go to at least 2 Spin classes and on at least 2 long bike rides


3/4 achieved! I only made it to one spin class and I’m gonna be real with you all– I hated it. I thought I was in pretty good shape…man was I wrong. I might go back to another instructor some day, but for now I’ll stick with running! I did do my own little interval workout on an exercise bike last week to prepare for my 30 mile bike ride. More on how that race went later…spoiler alert: I should have gone to more spin class =\

I did, however, go on 2 long bike rides with Russell – one was about 17 miles, an out and back that we did more or less without stopping. The other was 25 miles and we stopped at the halfway point to have a picnic…so it was more like two 12.5 mile rides. If anyone asks, tell ’em we rode 25 nonstop 😉

2. Don’t buy lunch more than once per week


Achieved! There was one week that I bought lunch twice, but I made up for it by not buying a single lunch the following week. So from a financial standpoint, I definitely met my goals. That’s not to say that I ate healthy homemade meals every day…my office bought lunches for some of our intern’s last day in the office and I came up on a number of free lunches. But I still tend to choose healthy options when possible…#AllTheSalad


…okay, #AllTheSalad #AndTacosToo

3. Get back to the Farmer’s Market

This was a big fat fail. I haven’t been to the Farmer’s Market since June or July. I skipped a couple of long runs this month, and you better believe if I don’t even have time for a long run, I definitely don’t have time to mosey on over to the Farmer’s Market and slowly peruse the aisles. My dad has definitely hooked it up with tomatoes, zucchini, and peppers from his garden though! (see below for zucchini and peppers…another homemade lunch btw)


4. Eat real dinners

I’d say I did pretty well on this one. I definitely had my share of cheese and crackers meals, but I also finally broke into the bags of quinoa and barley I bought at Trader Joe’s back in July and made some legit meals on a number of occasions. Not to mention I put on my full on Barefoot Contessa pants and made a couple of actual sit-down dinners for me and Russell. (Let’s not mention the fact that it was basically the same meal – shrimp tacos – repeated twice. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right?)

5. Conserve water when you can

There are a few things I did this month to conserve water that are small, but hopefully at least made an impact in my own personal water consumption:

  • I usually turn on the water in the shower and wait a few minutes before getting in (while I get undressed, undo my hair, etc). I have started doing all of those things beforehand to waste less water before getting in. Also- taking shorter showers. #duh
  • At the office, we have a Keurig machine that frequently needs to be refilled with water. Instead of refilling it with water from the faucet (or from our Brita which comes from the faucet), I use our water cooler, for which we constantly have 5+ replacement jugs. Better to use water that has already been bottled than waste faucet water, right?
  • When I did the Ice Bucket Challenge, I used melted ice that had been cooling our beer in Russell’s lunch pail all day. Dual purpose, aww yeah.

photo (1)

  • I have also tried to be that annoying person and call out wasteful behavior in others when I see it.

So there you have it! Achieved some goals, but didn’t do so great on others. I’m not going to make any specific goals for this month, but I have a few big things on the horizon including a search for a new apartment (I’ve got 29 days and counting…) and a conscious effort to start ramping up the training for my half marathon, which is in just 6 short weeks! Cue freak out.

Do you bike or spin?

Do you have any big races coming up? How do you prepare?

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