Pre-Birthday Weekend in Photos

There are no words to describe the gratitude I’m feeling for my loved ones after this weekend. I think it and say it all the time, but it’s true: I’m the luckiest girl!

My 26th birthday is in a couple of days (yep I’m a baby!), and unlike last year when I had a big ol’ neon themed pub crawl to celebrate early, this year I have been a little more low key about my plans. 26 just doesn’t seem as cool as 25, right? 25 was the last milestone age — now that I can rent a car, what else is left?!

I may not have had anything big on the radar, but I quickly learned on Friday evening that there were other plans in store for my pre-birthday weekend…


Earlier this week, Russell told me to keep Friday evening open for what I assumed was a normal dinner date. I did, and he told me nothing except to dress nicely and be ready by 6:15. He also sneakily suggested I pack some overnight clothes…hmmm šŸ˜‰

Overall, the eveningĀ seemed kind of spontaneous,Ā so I wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary…until he answered his phone as we were walking around Old Sacramento killing time before our reservation. He said it was for me, and, after a confusing conversation, I realized that it was my best friend Joanna on the phone and she revealed that she had booked us a room on the Delta King riverboat, which we just happened to be standing right next to!

Y’all may remember that I surprisedĀ Joanna in New York City for her 26th birthday…she totally got me back! We had a bottle of champagne waiting for us inside and I couldn’t stop smiling and saying “wtf” and “oh my god” for the next like 30 minutes. I was totally speechless!


As if that wasn’t enough to totally make my weekend, we still had dinner reservations!

Russell treated me to a completely fancy and ridiculous meal at The Firehouse, which is pretty much a Sacramento institution. We both ordered the Chef’s Tasting menu, which included 5 courses and wine pairings and was the perfect choice for the two most indecisive people on the planet. We could have been there for 5 hours if we’d actually had to choose our own food šŸ˜‰ The salmon and filet mignon definitely won us both over, and I kiiinda destroyed my dessert.

After so much food, we pretty much had to waddle back to the Delta King. #stuffed


Pretty much as soon as we checked in to the Delta King, I turned to Russell and said, “I am soo not getting my long run in tomorrow morning, am I?” haha. Instead of running a ridiculous distance on Saturday morning, we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast on the boat.

After going home and freshening up, we headed right back out to meet our friends for the California Brewer’s Festival. This festivalĀ had something like 30+ breweries giving out tastings of their best beers, and tastings were unlimited! We tried a lot that we knew we liked and some that we had never heard of, but overall it was a really well organized festival and lots of fun, despite being in direct 80+ degree sunlight for most of the afternoon šŸ˜‰


Knowing that I needed to get 10.5 miles in the next morning, we called it a pretty early night. After a bit of dilly dallying, I finally got out for a long run. I didn’t leave until 10am, but it was for the most part perfectly overcast and a little breezy, unlike last weekend when I struggled through 9.5 miles in 80+ degree heat. I was feeling so good that I managed to churn out 11 miles at a 9:20/mi pace — fasterĀ than last week, and .5 further than I was aiming for!

Afterward, my parents took me out to an early birthday lunch at a cute little French bistro & bakery, and followed it up by an epic trip to IKEA. $600 later, I pretty much have everything I need forĀ my new apartment, it’s just a matter of moving my big stuff (couch, dining room table, dresser and bed)Ā from one apartment to the other!


Last night, Russell was a trooper and helped me assemble my TV stand and end table (SOO much more complicated than it looks). Luckily we survived the experience (unlike Liz Lemon and Criss) and my new apartment is starting to look a little more complete!

As you can see, I was treated to a lot of really nice things this weekend. I’m so thankful to have such thoughtful friends and family and I can’t wait to continue the celebration into the week šŸ˜‰

Do you like celebrating birthdays? I actually do, but am totally unmotivated to plan this year.

IKEA: love it or hate it?



4 thoughts on “Pre-Birthday Weekend in Photos

    • Katie @ Run Now Wine Later says:

      Hahaha when I was on the phone with Joanna and realized it was her, Russell thought it was the funniest thing that my first reaction was, “WHAT THE F*CK?!” and “HOLY SH*T!” I was sooo surprised and had no other words to express it!

      I will send it to you!!

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