Birthday Week in Photos

Thank you for all your birthday wishes on my last post! I enjoyed putting it together and hope my eternal optimism and “YAY LIFE” musings weren’t too obnoxious to read 😉

Rather than posting a “Weekend in Photos” post, it seemed more appropriate to highlight my whole birthday week…because I seriously did celebrate all week long! I also need to give a specific shout out to my kick-ass boyfriend Russell, who deserves about 12 million high fives for being a champ and making sure I had the best week ever. And for making me stay up on Tuesday night to drink wine right at midnight even when I just wanted to lay on the couch and watch TV. 😉 I’m a lucky girl!

IMG_8799My actual birthday on Wednesday consisted of super sweet hidden notes, lovely flowers from my office, an amazing new BIKE (!!!), and post-Ultimate Frisbee drinks with my teammates and friends. I somehow ended up with everyone else’s glasses in front of me and they all thought it would be a hilarious photo op. They were right 😛


I took the next day off and, after lazing around for a few hours, Russ and I high-tailed it to the Bay Area to make our way to San Francisco for the Giants-Padres game. After an hour or 2 in Berkeley, we took BART into the city where we had IPA’s, The Best Onion Rings We’ve Ever Had (true story), and a BLT pizza at 21st Amendment Brewery. It was seriously perfect!

The game was super fun and I was happy to have my old friends Steven, Ian and So-Ky join us to see the Giants beat the Padres. Always a great time at AT&T Park!


After a crazy day at work on Friday that included a Staff Retreat and wine tasting/amazing dinner at my boss’s house, we left around 7:30 or 8pm on a journey to….Bakersfield, of all places, haha. One of Russell’s close friends from college also had a birthday this week and we traveled down to celebrate.

Though it wasn’t on track with my training schedule, I managed to bust out a 10 mile run through deserted farmland. We also went to Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace which is a hilarious country restaurant/bar/music venue with line dancing. Russell, on the other hand, enjoyed the statues 😉


We closed out the weekend by watching football — more specifically, the 49ers game! — at a cool, tasty brewery called Lengthwise. Our host & hostess for the weekend have an adorable daughter named Charlee, whose Niners onesie and tutu made an appearance, and I mauled this surprisingly delicious steak salad while the Niners won!

Like I said before, I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday week! I was so happy to celebrate with friends and family throughout the week and be surrounded by food, sports, drinks, and (mostly) sunshine 🙂

How did you celebrate your birthday this year?


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