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Hello and welcome to this month’s installment of “Katie is a Horrible Blogger”.

Last we left off, I was fresh off a tough, yet fun, half marathon in San Francisco. After that race, I was sore for a good 3 days before I even attempted to exercise (with the exception of a couple of games of Ultimate Frisbee, which are nothing to sneeze at!). I’m not gonna lie, guys…I used the “but I just ran a half marathon!” excuse to avoid exercise for a while. We’re talkin’ maybe one short run and one gym trip per week for the 2 weeks that followed.

With the start of the new month (which SERIOUSLY came out of nowhere, amirite?) I’ve been trying to get myself back into the swing of things, with regular gym trips, apartment cleaning, and cooking lunches and dinner. I guess while I’m at it, I can probably fit blogging in there too, eh?

Enjoy this collection of photos from the month of October. If I realized one thing while putting together this post, it was that if I’m too busy to blog, it probably means I’m having a great time doing other fun stuff 😉

IMG_8833October began with my roommate Hanna and I bidding adieu to our apartment with a closing ceremony of sorts. It was a bittersweet goodbye, for even though that apartment had closets for rooms and no storage for my 2 blenders and 2 food processors (not exaggerating), I lived with Hanna longer than any other roommate, and we had great memories together. I started this blog around the time we moved in, nearly two and a half years ago, and the apartment saw girly dinner nights, an epic Hannaween party for the ages, cockroach killings, and more.

We each moved into our own apartments, which I was nervous about, but has turned out great. As I get more settled in (yeah yeah, still not settled in after 6 weeks.. Oops), I will definitely be sharing some of my fun decor finds and any DIY projects I manage to find time for!

IMG_8907For Russell’s birthday, we played Foot Golf!


I’m no pumpkin lover, but I found it pretty much impossible to walk out of Trader Joe’s without a few pumpkin items. The oatmeal is REALLY good, but I could barely choke down the soup. Wayyy too pumpkiny for me. Thank gawd for Tapatio.


IMG_9093 IMG_9119

One of the highlights of October (besides running a half marathon…man, it was a good month) was going to Game 5 of the World Series in San Francisco. We got to see Madison Bumgarner pitch a shut out…what a game!!


First run after my half marathon….and I tripped on uneven concrete, ripping my leggings and skinning my knee. This was a week ago and still hasn’t healed or stopped hurting. #OW


Two weeks late, Russell got the birthday dinner I promised him: salmon smothered in a maple-mustard sauce with sage, shallots, apples, kale, and bacon…and a side of quinoa with walnuts, dried cranberries, apples, bacon, and sage. So very fall, and I added bacon in every aspect of the meal because #duh


I stupidly scheduled a haircut on a rainy day. My stylist was so proud of my blow out that she insisted I cover it up with a trash bag on the bike ride back to my office. Whatever it takes to protect the ‘do!


The Oogie Boogie Man and Mario. Can you believe Russell made Mario free hand?! No stencil, no guiding sharpie marks on the pumpkin. We are kind of talented when it comes to pumpkin carving…

IMG_9173…or maybe we are just nerds.

That’s it for October!

What were you for Halloween?

Where are you on the pumpkin spectrum? I like pumpkin spice and most savory pumpkin things, but I don’t love it.

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  1. Love pumpkin, but am definitely feeling a little pumpkin’d out. My office had a pumpkin-themed fall potluck. SO MUCH bread. The turkey pumpkin chili was the surprise winner (and not just because it was from my boss!).

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