Weekend in Photos

Funny story about how I forgot to post this yesterday. Let’s just pretend like Monday didn’t happen (I have a feeling no one will have any complaints about skipping a Monday!) and get on to pictures of my fabulous weekend. K? K.

Most of my weekend was spent in sunny San Diego, which you may know if you follow me on Instagram.


I was there for work, and our only goal when arriving on Thursday night was MEXICAN FOOD. After 4 years in Southern California for college, one of the things I miss the most (besides the ocean, of course) is good Mexican food. We went to Old Town Mexican Cafe in Old Town SD and it was super good, albeit a little touristy.

The next day, we worked at our Education & Enrollment event (health care open enrollment is open now, people!) and I went back downtown afterward to head over to my best friend Joanna’s mom Deborah’s condo, since she graciously welcomed me to stay with her for a night!

On Friday night, we had a snacky meal and watched TV before hitting the hay (and reading — I’m about 2/3 done with Gone Girl!).


The next morning, after Deb went for a swim and I did some quick cardio in her fitness center, we hit up the Little Italy Farmers Market. It was PACKED with people, and more importantly, free samples. After cleaning house at almost every single dip/hummus stand I found, I decided to cancel out the bad stuff with a fresh (and messy looking) parfait. We made sure to send selfies back to Joanna in New York to make her jealous we were hanging out without her! 😉

I may have also spotted a little baby onesie I was dying to buy for Becky and her growing family!! Congrats, my friend! I can’t wait to spoil your son with food, fitness, and alcohol-themed clothing and accessories!! #notkidding


That evening, I went up to Mission Bay on official Sacramento County Young Dems business – I attended some regional and statewide Young Dems meetings and hung out with super passionate and fun fellow young dems! I finally got to escape to the beach for a bit, and Speaker Toni Atkins showed up at one of our meetings.

I wished I could have spent more time hanging out at the hotel that hosted the meetings, but I had a flight to catch!

After Russell picked me up at the airport, we decided to stay in and watch a movie…Being that he had never seen Mean Girls all the way through, I insisted we finally watch it together! To ensure it had his full attention, I put out a few rules to make it into a drinking game of sorts. Mission accomplished on dual fronts: 1) I didn’t annoyingly repeat every single line of the movie, and 2) He ended up liking it! Thank goodness, because that could have been a deal breaker. Am I right, Mean Girls fans?


We then had a pretty typical #Krussell Sunday, which involved mimosas and watching the 49ers game. They won, and the mimosas were, as usual, delicious and followed by an afternoon power nap 😉

Hope your weeks are off to a great start!

What’s the best Farmer’s Market you’ve ever been to?

What is your favorite line from Mean Girls? Mine is “Irregardless!…That’s just, like, the rules of feminism!”

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  1. LOL, I love it! (Hi Russel! Yep, I’m the one that always comments, hehe!) I’m going to be a pro at holding a mimosa in one hand with a baby in my other arm so it’s only appropriate that he wears alcohol-themed outfits 😉

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