Christmas Weekend in Photos

Hello everyone and I hope you had a merry Christmas!

It was a bittersweet Christmas for me and my family. As many of my friends, family, and followers know, my grandmother passed away one week ago today, the Monday before Christmas. Almost exactly 3 months after a diagnosis of liver and pancreatic cancer, she passed in her own home, in the company of several of her children.

Her sickness was obviously devastating to our family, but I take comfort in the fact that she was up and about, feeling good for several months following her diagnosis. She was diagnosed on my birthday (September 24th). I am glad that she got to meet Russell (who she adored and ordered around like he was one of her own grandsons), that she got to follow every mile of my half marathon online and gave me so much support, and that we all got to spend one last Thanksgiving together. Thanksgiving was the first time that I was able to actually notice that her health was indeed declining, and Thanksgiving was the last time I saw her alive. It was a very special day.

Grandma insisted Russell take my cousin's wife's spot in one of our family pictures...Seriously you guys, I think she liked him more than she liked me!!

Grandma insisted Russell take my cousin’s wife’s spot in one of our family pictures…Seriously you guys, I think she liked him more than she liked me!!

As I mentioned in my last post, my grandma was prooobably my #1 blog follower. Despite a lack of posting over the past few months, I am determined to keep this thing going…even if my only motivation to do so at the moment is that I would have to pretend that if I don’t, my grandma would ask me why I haven’t posted lately 😉

IMG_9820Before leaving for the Bay Area, I went for a quick run in my Grandma Mary shirt from my race. Christmas at my Grandma’s house was surprisingly less sad than I anticipated it would be, though there was definitely a tangible gap left by my grandma’s absence. My cousin Evan’s 5-month old daughter Paislee (above with my brother) definitely filled that gap with a lot of smiles…and drool 🙂

IMG_9821I spent the next two days doing a lot of cleaning and running errands. I went to the Farmers Market for the first time in months, finally bought new running inserts for my jacked up feet, and enjoyed lots of spaghetti squash with farmers market eggs and salsa (the only things I picked up…not a lot of vendors in the dead of winter!).

On Saturday night, Russell finally arrived back from home. We hadn’t seen each other since the morning of Christmas Eve, so we caught up and called it an early night, because we had to prepare for Sunday…

IMG_9822The last 49ers game of the season!

After about a million snafus (I bought the tickets right before they started sucking & the prices almost halved after I bought them, Russell ended up going to last week’s game too…etc etc), it was a great time. I ended up selling our original tickets the morning of and bought WAY better lower level seats for only a little bit of a loss. Plus, the Niners won! It was a nice way to spend a day together after spending the holiday apart. Plus, it was a kinda neat way to cap off the season because we had been to Levi’s Stadium together for a pre-season game in August as well.

Despite the sad undertone of the past week, I have had a nice holiday. One of the last things my grandma told me (besides that Russell was a keeper… Seriously, Russ, were you sneaking her extra percocets or something? Why did she like you so much?! 😉 ) was to keep on living life like I do every day. I can’t think of any person who embodies the philosophy of Run Now, Wine Later better than my grandma. She and my Papa were regulars at the YMCA gym, and believed in fitness and wellness — my Grandma played golf almost every Tuesday of her retired life — but they also never turned down a margarita. Every time I was at Grandma’s house and 4pm rolled around, it was time for happy hour. As an 87 year old woman, she hosted Friday happy hour at her house for all of her neighbors up until the weeks before her death. She was the epitome of living a lively, yet healthy, well-balanced life, and I strive every day to live like she did.

Love you Grandma! I know you’re enjoying a margarita with Papa right now, but don’t forget to keep the Giants winning the World Series every other year! I’ll rub Russell’s lucky Giants shirt, since you aren’t here to do it anymore <3



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