2014 in Review

Happy almost new year, all! After seeing lots of posts reflecting on the last year, I started to reflect on my own about all of the great things that happened this year. Here is my non-exhaustive list, complete with photos:


-New York City, February

-Park City, Utah – Blend Retreat, June

-San Simeon/Hearst Castle – Best Buddies Challenge, September


-Shamrock’n Half Marathon, March

-Best Buddies Challenge Hearst Castle 30 Mile Ride, September

Best Buddies Challenge: Hearst Castle

-Nike Women’s Half Marathon SF, October

-2 Ultimate Frisbee championships & 3+ Dodgeball championships


-Started new job in January, offered permanent position in August!

-Switched my blog over from Blonde Ambition to Run Now, Wine Later — a change that seems to be very in line with my lifestyle nowadays

-Went to the World Series, two NFL games, sat courtside at the Kings vs Thunder, and about 8 Rivercats (minor league baseball) games!

-Started dating Russell, who constantly makes me laugh, inspires me to run further and try harder, and has surprisingly not ran away screaming after nearly 6 months of fart jokes, mood swings, and a constant insistence that he look at every single cute pug picture I come across 😉

Oh and I make him wear silly hats...

Oh and I make him wear silly hats…

-Got to spend my grandma’s last months with her before she passed on December 22nd.

Almost exactly one year ago, I posted this status:


Having some time during the second half of last year to really evaluate my goals and what makes me happiest in life was the best blessing I could ever ask for. Going into 2014, I knew my fitness goal (to run a half marathon), I knew what kind of relationship I wanted (none at all, unless it was Mr. Right), and I knew I couldn’t settle for a job that wasn’t challenging and fulfilling. To have completed two half marathons, found Mr. Right, and land a job that is challenging, fulfilling and with the greatest coworkers…all in one year?! I don’t think you can blame me for being a little bummed that this fantastic year is coming to a close.

Thanks for being here this year, friends and readers! Happy new year!

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