Super Bowl Food – Some Healthy, Some Not

Here at Run Now, Wine Later, we believe in balance. (Why did I say “we” just then? Who is we??)

Go to the gym in the morning so you can go to happy hour after work. Indulge in an afternoon cookie because you had oatmeal for breakfast and salad for lunch.

This will also be my approach to what food I make for the Super Bowl this year. I will likely be drinking a few beers, so I want to make sure that my grease to vegetable ratio isn’t completely off the charts, but on the other hand, it is the Super Bowl and it only happens once a year.

What’s the fun in having a once a year party if you don’t make it count?

Here are some recipes – some healthy, some not – that I have my eye on to bring to the party this year.


  • Salsa and Guacamole (or my personal favorite, AVOCADO CILANTRO HUMMUS) with tortilla chips
  • Pepper Jelly (homemade recipe here, but I got a jar for Christmas!) poured on top of cream cheese, scooped up with crackers

  • Pizza Pinwheels – Something like this would be easy since you can switch up the ingredients based on what you have laying around!


  • Crockpot Mexican Chicken from Iowa Girl Eats – great base for a taco bar: just add tortillas and store-bought toppings to save time. Because ain’t nobody got time for chopping up all the toppings I want on my tacos!

And finally…The crown jewel that my lovely boyfriend sent me in response to me sending him links to all of the recipes above, with the following note:

“You’re gonna have to step your game up, last super bowl party I hosted I made this:”

Yes, my boyfriend willingly cooked and ate a Bacon Explosion.

(Have I mentioned that I introduced him to the amazingness that is chocolate covered bacon on our first date? Bacon may be a recurring theme in our relationship…)

If that doesn’t scream “Super Bowl Food”, I don’t know what does!

What are you making for the Super Bowl?

What is your favorite bacon-filled dish?

2 thoughts on “Super Bowl Food – Some Healthy, Some Not

  1. Bacon Explosion is actually so amazing — my fiance used to go all out and SMOKE his in a Big Green Egg. One year he even cured made his own bacon for it… I’ll be making a baconlicious snack I like to call “crack sticks.” Dip bacon in brown sugar and cayenne, wrap around pretzel rods, pop in the oven and — voila! — you’re the hit of any party! All these recipes look delicious. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Buffalo chicken meatballs sounds amazing. I’m definitely bookmarking that one! I love buffalo chicken dip and any sort of guacamole. I think I make up for my lack of interest in football with my interest in football food 🙂

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