2015 Fitness Goals

Who says New Years resolutions are for January 1st? They totally still count the first week of February, right? 😛

One thing I have always done a pretty good job of on this blog is setting goals and keeping myself accountable for them. In 2014, I started the year off by giving myself a budget, which was a good way for me to change my spending habits while I was working at my internship. The year before, I made goals to run a 5k and run 25 miles in a month at least once during 2013. I actually ended up running two 10k’s and was registered for my first half marathon by the end of the year.

It’s nice to be able to look back and track progress on your goals…and it’s even nicer to be able to say you beat your goals. 😉

For the past month, I have thought good and hard about my fitness goals for the year…and I have decided I don’t want to be over ambitious, or over specific. I’m keeping it to 2 goals that I think are challenging, achievable, and measurable:

  1. Run my 3rd half marathon
  2. Vary my gym workouts

Simple, right?

Last year, I ran 2 half marathons. I felt great after the first one in March, and kept up a schedule of running 8+ miles almost every weekend until my next half in October. Around August or September (when the temps were reaching 80 degrees during my long runs) I started to think that maybe 2 half marathons a year was a little much, and after my race I definitely felt that way.

That being said, I am at my best when I have a training plan and a goal race to work towards, so I do want to run one this year. And so does Russell, who hasn’t run a half in several years! So we have our sights set on a May 2nd race here in Sacramento, and training starts THIS WEEK!

As I have for every race, I went full on nerdy last week and made my training spreadsheet. I’m pretty much starting from scratch, since I took 3 weeks off in January when I was sick and didn’t run. I amazingly pounded out 5 miles on Sunday before the Super Bowl, so I’m hoping to get started at 5.5 this weekend and increase by a half a mile each week for the next month while I get my pace back up.

Parkway Half Marathon

I’m 12 weeks out now and I’m roughly starting out pretty much right where I did before my first half marathon. This isn’t my set in stone plan, but it has at least given me an idea of where I need to start! I’m planning on Friday being a rest day to save up my energy for my long runs, and I figure my Sunday Funday softball games will be a good recovery activity. Otherwise, I will plan on going to the gym on Mondays and Wednesdays, and I noted which days I know I’ll have after-work activities (and thus means I have to go in the morning).

Now, as for Fitness Goal #2

You’ll also notice that I included a little bit of info below my training plan – Since I am planning for at least 2 gym trips a week, I went through my gym’s fitness class calendar and noted which group fitness classes might work with my running and work schedules.

I used to go to Tabata Bootcamp at least once a week but the 6am start time is a stretch for this slow riser. However, I’ve noticed that I push myself harder and do a wider variety of exercises, which are out of my comfort zone, when I am being told what to do. So I want to try out more classes and minimize what I call my elliptical + abs “sorority girl” gym routine. I figure my running will benefit if I build more muscle in my upper and lower body 🙂

So that’s the plan to hopefully start off the first half of this year with my 2 fitness goals in mind. Can’t wait to cross the finish line for a 3rd time, especially since Russell and I will most likely be doing it together. He may finish 25 minutes before me….but we’ll be doing it together 😉

Did you make any resolutions or goals this year?

What is your favorite type of group fitness class?

5 thoughts on “2015 Fitness Goals

  1. Dudeeee, does your gym have barbells? If so, let’s totally Google video each other and I’ll do a BODYPUMP class for you via the web 😉 It’ll be fun – I promise, hehe! And running will come back to you quickly 🙂

  2. These are great goals! My gym doesn’t offer any fitness classes which is a bummer because I’d love to try them. I love making training spreadsheets. Right now I have one to get me through the entire year but I’ll have to adjust if I add any more half marathons. Yours looks great!

  3. You would think varying your works out would be easy, but we all get stuck in routine ruts! But I am glad you’re taking note of where you want to improve and going for it! 🙂

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