Weekend in Photos

Hi all! Just dropping in really quickly to share some snippets of my weekend…for the first time in forever, it seems!

By all accounts, my weekend shouldn’t have been anything to write home about. I left the office early on Friday to head to the Bay Area and prep for a work event which took up my Saturday morning. Oh, it was also raining – HARD – pretty much all weekend. Can’t complain too much though, it was the first rainy spell since December! California really needed it.

Anyway, despite having to work and the presence of rain, it turned out to be a really nice weekend!


After a nearly 3 hour raaaainy car ride (including a stop for new wiper blades and an obligatory bathroom break…is it bad that my bladder is just as overactive as my preggo coworker’s is?) we arrived in the Bay Area. I was up bright and early for a quick 20 minute hotel gym workout and then it was off to our event! (P.S. That is my hand holding an iPhone 6+. It was ginormous)


When I got back to Sacramento, I was getting hangry and there was a momentary break in the rain, so Russell and I rode our bikes to Burgers & Brew for some…well…burgers and brew. Since we figured we’d probably stay in the rest of the evening once the rain started again, we hopped over to University of Beer for a second beer while the weather was still on our side, then headed home to watch movies while the puddles filled up around us outside 😛


Because I am apparently a crazy person (and because I couldn’t on Saturday morning), I went for my long run on Sunday morning in the rain. I was only scheduled to do 5.5 miles, but between taking a new route, stopping for a bathroom break, and not wanting to have to walk partway home in a downpour, I ended up running about 6.3. I later told Russell, “You can officially tell Katie from 2 weeks ago that she is an idiot.”

Kind of hard to believe that I was afraid to even run 3 miles just over 2 weeks ago, and I managed to run a 10k through the rain and 20mph winds this weekend. Just goes to show we are our own worst enemy sometimes.

But seeing how far I’ve come in just a couple weeks makes me feel pretty marvelous. Have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Weekend in Photos

  1. Yay for over 6 miles!! I knew you could do it 🙂 And I think all of us healthy living bloggers drink a ton of water which is why we have to pee every 2.3 seconds. I honestly haven’t noticed a huge difference in my peeing habits (TMI? haha!) since becoming preggo except the fact that super fast walks/runs don’t feel the best on the bladder because I have always had to pee a lot 😉

    • Katie @ Run Now Wine Later says:

      Ha true. I am not a huge water drinker, but I do drink green tea all.day.long which probably doesn’t help things 😛

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