Weekend in Photos

Has anyone else noticed that, as spring approaches, people come out of hibernation and start wanting to actually do things? We’ve been getting some spring weather here and there and I’ve totally noticed my calendar filling up lately. Suddenly, weekends spent binging Netflix on the couch are no more and I actually have to go out and socialize with people 😉

I guess it’s not the worst thing…House of Cards can always wait. (but if any of you spoil Season 3 for me, there’ll be hell to pay!)

IMG_0448Thursday kicked off Sacramento Beer Week and we joined in on the festivities on Friday at Alley Katz for $1 Pint Night. Alley Katz has dozens and dozens of beers on tap (local, craft, you name it), and our little group definitely took advantage! Also, we hung 3 purses and Russell’s wallet on our purse hooks…which are still my favorite invention ever.


On Saturday morning, I ended up running about 7.8 miles and I averaged under 9:10/mile…Which is INSANE. Most of my runs lately have been in the 9:20-9:30/mi range. How I managed to run that far that fast after a night of beer drinking is beyond me. (end humblebrag)

My only explanation is that this was my first time going back out on the bike trail to run, and perhaps the combination of pavement/dirt works better for my legs, or the fact that I am doing one giant loop instead of running circles around the same park 3+ times makes it more scenic. I have a lot more thoughts and updates, but will hopefully be putting them into a training update post sometime this week.


After I finished my run, Russell and I packed up and headed to Palo Alto to celebrate the engagement of my college friends Desene and Jordan! Their friend Katie did an incredible job with the dessert spread – she made everything from scratch! And the whole place looked like it came straight out of Pinterest. It was fun to catch up with old friends, a couple of whom I hadn’t seen since we graduated almost 5 years ago. Yikes, does this mean we’re getting old?


After breakfast in the morning, we headed back to Sacramento for our softball game. Somehow this rag tag gang of knuckleheads pulled off our second victory of the season…no thanks to my horrendous batting skills (or lack thereof).

We cleaned up after our game and headed to Elk Grove for dinner to celebrate 2 of Russell’s uncles’ birthdays. Dinner was delicious – lots of laughing and Skyping family members all over the country (and world, for that matter) ensued, and I once again found myself feeling pretty darn lucky to have found a guy whose family is just as great as he is! #barf…cheesy, I know.

I’m already looking forward to more beer, more running, and more family next weekend 🙂 Have a great week!

What did you do this weekend?

Has spring sprung in your corner of the world yet?

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