St. Patricks Day Weekend in Photos

Whoops, there goes another week of radio silence here at Run Now, Wine Later. My bad 🙂 Things have been busy around here!

It feels like we’ve gotten to the point in the year where everyone is coming out of hibernation…Every weekend for the past month or so feels like it’s been booked up with things to do, whether it be a birthday, engagement party, softball game, etc etc. This weekend was no exception!

It kind of started off early, since my firm was in the middle of changing offices and I didn’t have to go in to unpack until the afternoon. Since we would be gone on Saturday, I decided to do my long run Friday morning instead. I ran 9 miles and it was HOT. It also didn’t help that half of the water fountains I came across were shut off 🙁

IMG_0598After unpacking my new office (!) and doing a little bit of work, we headed out to Point Reyes (or more specifically, Inverness). Russell’s Irish aunt had us over to do some St Patty’s day celebrating. We were greeted by a really nice sunset and picnic!


The next morning, we woke up to watch an Ireland-Wales rugby match, then went on a walk to the beach with Ciara’s dog Croi and his brother Tango. I am obsessed with these dogs, they were so cute! After a few Guinness’s and a delicious authentic Irish meal, we headed back to Sacramento to celebrate a little bit more with our friends.


As if the weekend hadn’t been green enough already…Russell made green eggs and ham, and I dropped a little food coloring into our pre-softball mimosas 🙂

It was Theme Week, and we decided that it would be the first annual Cooper Day. We all dressed up like Cooper, whose signature outfits include denim cutoffs, american flags, Hawaiian prints, and three piece suits. The team we played was…confused, to say the least.

And that’s it for now! Happy St. Patricks Day tomorrow and hope you all have a great week!

How do you celebrate St Patrick’s Day?

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