Fitness Friday – Half Marathon Training Check-in #2

Hello all, and welcome to another edition of “Read About How Katie’s Torturing Herself This Week” 🙂 (Also known as my half marathon training check-in)

When I last checked in about 3 weeks ago, I was stoked because I was running far and fast. I was increasing mileage on my long runs faster than I laid out in my training plan, and I had quickly gained back the speed I lost when I didn’t run in January.

You’d think that I’d have learned by now that things don’t quite come that easily without consequence, especially when you couple 15+ miles per week with kickball, softball, gym trips, and riding my bike a mile to and from work every day.

Last time, I mentioned that I had a lump on my shin that I thought might be related to shin splints. Up until that point, it was only painful when I pressed on it. The week after my last post, it started swelling more, hurting without anything touching it, and on my Thursday run it started hurting while running, so I cut my run short.

I realized it had been around 400 miles and over 6 months since I had bought shoes…So in a desperate attempt to get my leg feeling better, I went to get new ones that day since I knew I had a long run planned the following day (we were going out of town for St. Paddy’s day weekend).


The people at Fleet Feet are always super helpful and this trip was no exception. I explained that I had been having shin pain and the man helping me find shoes rolled out my calf for about 5 minutes straight. (Shin splints are often the result of a problem with your calf muscles…fun fact!) It hurt real good, and I felt instant relief.

I was able to run 9 miles pain free the next day, but I encountered my next challenge: HEAT. It’s still pretty brisk when I run before work, but on days I do my long run and don’t get started until 11 or later, it’s usually between 60-70 degrees when I am running. As a result, my pace has slowed a bit, but I have faith that my body will start to adjust eventually and I’m also glad that the start time for our race in May is pretty early in the morning.

Enough with my yapping, here are some exciting spreadsheets!

Screen shot 2015-01-31 at 11.05.03 AM

As I’ve shared before, this was my original training plan. And this is my progress, 8 weeks in:

parkway check in #2

Given my aches and pains these past couple of weeks, I slowed down and stuck to my half a mile increase each week on my long runs. I am all set to run 10 miles this week and next before jumping up to 11 miles the following week.

Although my new shoes and icing help my ailing shin, I still am experiencing a lot of pain in my legs in general at the end of the day after my long runs (and sometimes after my shorter runs too). Running short quick distances at kickball and softball (often on uneven grass/dirt surfaces) doesn’t make them feel great either.

This week, life happened and I ended up staying up pretty late on Wednesday…or at least much later than my normal pre-run bedtime. Rather than suffering through a run and a full day of work on 5 hours of sleep, I decided to give my legs a rest and get a full nights sleep. I could have done it after work instead, but decided it was OK to skip one run this one time.

All in all, I guess it just goes to show that something doesn’t always get easier just because you’ve done it before. This is my third half marathon and I am encountering obstacles I didn’t while training for either of my other races. In general, I’d say I’m in pretty good physical shape right now, but these aches and pains are definitely making me question my sanity once again for subjecting myself to these long distance runs 😉

And for a quick update on my race partner/better half…apparently neither of us are having great luck. Russell has been taking a break to heal an ailing knee for the last couple of weeks. He also thinks he has a bruised rib (yowch). On the bright side, he was already up to 11 miles when he tweaked his knee, so he will hopefully be able to jump right back in once he feels better!

Under what circumstances do you allow yourself to skip a workout?

Have you been to Costa Rica? If so do you have recommendations? More on this question later 😉

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