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Sometimes, you get really busy in life and priorities change.

In my case, as soon as I get busy at work, the first things to go are 1) cleaning my apartment and 2) this blog.

Case in point: my bed is home to more unfolded (mostly clean) clothes than bedsheets (which of course get moved to the floor before I crawl into bed, then back onto their spot on the bed when I get up 😉 ), and I haven’t updated this little bliggedy blog in 3 weeks.

I still try to read lots of blogs, and comment when I can, but honestly it’s not too easy to take time out of your day to write about your life when really your only life outside of work consists of sweatpants, wine, and whatever else will help you decompress from the day. Plus, the field I work in (Public Affairs/PR) involves a lot of Facebook/newsletter/blog writing as it is, and sometimes even if it’s a post about workout outfits that I love (ahem, I’m lookin at you, Fabletics), it can still feel like just another writing assignment.

And since I just posted a link to pimp out my referral code for Fabletics, can I also take a moment to pimp out give a shout out to my main man Russell? I am a biiiiiiiig complainer, and he has heard the brunt of it lately. Why he’s stuck around this long, I don’t know…it must be my incessant use of totally not clever hashtags. #girlfriendforsale

[sidenote: I am SO excited to unplug for a whole NINE days when we go to Costa Rica next month!! Feels like perfect timing for a vacation 🙂 ]

That all being said, I love my blog, I love being a blogger, and I love all of the fabulous people I’ve met through it. I’m not going to stop blogging anytime soon, but I’m still trying to find my work-life balance. Until then, I’ll just be over here lurking on your blogs and oversharing pictures of me and my hottie boyfriend on Instagram 😉

Without further ado, here are some photos of what I’ve been up to for the past month, and an attempt at <5 word captions to describe them.

IMG_0740Still runnin’ the bike trail


But awesome bras –> Crazy tanlines


Easter eggs (+ CHEEEEEEESE)


Full calendar (+ messy desk)


Aaaaand a full fridge! (OK I have to use more than 5 words here. Is it bad that this is the fullest I’ve my fridge has been in months? I don’t buy much more than I need and I live by myself, so it’s rarely even half full!)


Bright ass running outfits

IMG_0788Makeup for headshots


Giants season begins!


All dolled up with Shannon


First mimosa in months


Softball onlookers in the heat


Russell’s latest creation (have to give some props here to Russell’s brother Greg; the elk he hunted got made into the sausage that topped this pizza…it was delish!)

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for my last half marathon training update next week, and hopefully another post before then. Thanks for reading, loyal blog readers…AKA thanks Mom.

What’s the first thing that gets set aside when you’re really stressed and busy? Cleaning my room has always been at the top of my list 😉

What has been the highlight of your past month?

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