Fitness Friday – Half Marathon Training Check-in #3

It’s crunch time, folks. One week from tomorrow I’ll be running the American River Parkway Half Marathon!

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it before, but all proceeds of the race will be donated to benefit the American River Parkway, which is is a 23 mile long bike path that winds along the American River here in Sacramento. It is also the path where the race will take place, and it is where I have run pretty much every single one of my long runs, nearly every weekend for the last year and a half.

American River Parkway

Crossing over the American River at Discovery Park around mile 6 is always one of the highlights of my runs!

Check out my first two half marathon training updates here and here to see how far I’ve come in my training plan!

To catch you up, last time I checked in, I was feeling a lot of aches and pains (and had a lump on my shin that was giving me trouble) but was hoping new shoes would help. My next obstacle was having to do my long training runs in some pretty warm weather.

Unfortunately, neither of these have gotten too much better, but I am still powering through and feeling pretty good overall.

Here is my nearly complete training plan, including my progress over the past couple of weeks:

Parkway-3Let’s start with the positives:

  • I have only skipped 2 gym trips since March! My goal is to make it to the gym 2x per week and run 3 times, totaling 5 workouts per week. There have only been 4 weeks (out of 12 so far) that I didn’t get to that goal of 5! That’s of course assuming I make it to the gym after work today 😉
  • My pace during the week has been pretty consistently between 9:00-9:20 mins/mile, give or take a few seconds, which makes me hopeful for my goal pace of 9:11/mile.
  • This week, I discovered the Nike+ Training Club app, which has given me extra motivation to push myself at the gym! It times your workouts and cheers you on, which was awesome for the Tabata workout I tried earlier this week. If only I had discovered it 12 weeks ago 😛


I have, however, encountered more challenges:

  • Remember how I said I’ve only skipped 2 gym workouts? Well they happened on two consecutive Fridays: last week and the week before. And last week, I skipped both a run and a gym workout…womp womp. The run was unavoidable (anxiety and allergy meds had me up and feeling crappy until 3am so I didn’t want to overdo it on little sleep), but skipping both during the week really made my 12 mile run difficult for me that weekend. It might have been OK for me to do this earlier in my training plan, but it was really bad timing given I was only about 2 weeks out. I have vowed to really give it my all this week, which I have been doing, so I hope it will pay off when I go for my last long run tomorrow.
One of those skipped gym trips was to go to the Rivercats game (complete with fireworks!) instead... #worthit

One of those skipped gym trips was because I went to the Rivercats game (complete with fireworks!) instead… #worthit

  • It is still really hot on the weekends. It’s been getting to a high of 80-90 degrees around here lately, but I’m hoping that since the race takes place earlier than my training runs it’ll be cooler and I will be in reach of my 2 hour goal, even though my pace during long runs has been all over the place.
  • I hurt. Allll over. My feet and that lump on my shin (yep, still hasn’t gone away) have been especially bad. I think I started to experience some of this wear and tear I was training for my last race, but Russell wanted to do a race this spring and I really wanted to do one together too, plus I figured 6-7 months between races was a pretty good grace period. Which leads me to my next point…
  • Russell won’t be running the race with me due to his knee injury and the fact he wasn’t able to train throughout March and April 🙁 I was totally looking forward to passing each other and high-fiving during the race since it’s an out and back and he’d probably be a few miles ahead of me 🙂 I know we’ll have many more opportunities to run together, and having him there cheering me on will be great, but it’s definitely been a little bit of an emotional struggle for me each week as I go through my long training runs that have been so painful and difficult for me. The Debbie Downer in me keeps thinking to myself, “Why am I even doing this?”

But the moral of the story is…I’ve come this far, and even if I don’t know why I’m doing it, I know that I can and I will. Each of my 3 half marathons have brought with them their own unique struggles and challenges, and this one is clearly no different.

On a happier note, I am currently on the lookout for songs to add to my running playlist, which has barely been updated at all in the past year except to add a couple of Meghan Trainor songs and some upbeat old N’Sync songs. MapMyRun now keeps a record of which songs you’re listening to at what point during your run, so I’m planning on looking through all of my old runs and narrowing down my playlist to songs that only make me run hecka fast.

Wish me luck!

Tell me:

What are your favorite songs to run (FAST) to?

3 thoughts on “Fitness Friday – Half Marathon Training Check-in #3

  1. Awww such a bummer that R man is no longer running! I would make him meet up with you a few times along the course for that high five 😉 And after the race is done, NO MORE RUNNING for you until you’re healed, ya hear me lady?! We don’t need your bones shattering… Plus, you need to be rested up for my visit to Napa (in my dreams) so you can hold the baby while I double fist wine. Mmmmkay?! 😉

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