Weekend in Photos

Question of the week: Where has the summer gone?

I was reading social media posts this morning saying that some students are going back to school today…What the what?!

We just got over a pretty insane week of 100+ temps (I think we had 3 or 4 days in a row, peaking at 107…yikes) in Northern California, so it still definitely feels like summer here. And this weekend’s activities definitely solidified that feeling!

On Saturday morning, I peeled myself out of bed just in time to make it to a yoga class at my gym. Russell and I have been trying to get “in shape” for an upcoming Lake Tahoe trip. My goal lately has been 2 gym trips and 2 runs during the week…then hope for the best on the weekends ;P I’ve been pretty good about the first part for several weeks now, but for me to actually bust out a decently challenging workout on a Saturday this weekend was a big win for me. Gone are the days of my 10 mile Saturday morning runs, apparently!



After the yoga class, I hit up the farmers market and bought all of the summer produce – corn and zucchini! I would’ve gotten tomatoes, but I promised my dad I would take his instead of buying them from the market, cause he’s got tons! The rest of the day was spent BBQing, playing games, and watching MMA at our friend’s place. I brought the veggies to grill – I marinated the zukes in olive oil and garlic & herb seasoning and it was ahh-mazing!

After we watched Ronda Rousey’s fight, I called it an early night (11pm is apparently early…I don’t know how these guys have the stamina) and rested up for Sunday.

Sunday started pretty bright and early with a softball game. We won and promptly escaped the heat by going to University of Beer for a cold beverage and a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity…which I won! Russell and I dominated most of the game, but I pulled ahead in the end 🙂



We headed to another spot where I got lunch – cucumber salad, a knockwurst sausage, coleslaw and hecka mustard 🙂


Biergarten – our second stop – had an awesome chalk mural of Jon Stewart! Can’t believe this is his last week on the air 🙁

IMG_1926Our new buddy for the weekend was this little cutie, Pita! Our friend Rachel has been fostering Pita for the past half week or so and is hoping to find her a new home soon. Pita is very friendly and lovable, nice with other dogs and people too. She’s going to be at an adoption event at Pour House tomorrow evening and I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets snatched up right away to go to a new adoptive home! Any takers? 😉

Hope you have a great week!

How do you like to get your sweat on during the weekend?

Have you ever adopted a dog or cat? If not, would you like to?


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