Weekend in Photos

Hello and happy Monday!

This weekend I decided to make a conscious effort to take more pictures (or at least more than usual) so that I could document the weekend. The interesting thing was, this was the first weekend in 4 weeks that we actually stayed in town the entire weekend with nothing planned. Since we went to New York the second week in July, I think there have only been 2, maybe 3 weeks that we haven’t been traveling or out and about. That’s summer for ya, right?

Without any real set plans, I still ended up having a pretty fun weekend, with some relaxation sprinkled in 😉

IMG_2173On Friday, I headed to the gym after work and was a wee bit sketched out at one of the TVs on the wall missing (the area directly below it has mats on the floor where I normally stretch/foam roll/do my Nike+ workouts)…and afterward we went to Chicago Fire with some of my high school friends. It’s our tradition every time our friend Alex comes home from NYC to visit his favorite Chicago-style pizza eatery!


We headed home before midnight and I got a niiiiice long nights sleep. I was going to go to yoga on Saturday morning but opted for a run instead since I skipped one this week due to Half Dome soreness. Less than .5 miles in, I tripped on uneven side walk and skinned my knee…sadly, this is not the first or even second time this has ever happened to me! I realized it hurt less if I kept moving, so I sucked it up and completed my 3.5 mile run.

Afterward, I rushed over to the farmer’s market riiight before it closed and managed to pick up a couple of things before everyone packed up – a giant zucchini for zoodles, a big ass bunch of kale, and a bag of red peppers. I picked up a cold brew coffee from Starbucks before heading home and scrounging together lunch based on what little stuff I had lying around…I ended up with chicken nachos topped with sharp cheddar, bell peppers, greek yogurt and pico de gallo…#success!

IMG_2174On Saturday evening, we headed to Fairytale Town for a bizarre, but fun, night. Fairytale Town is a park full of fairytale/storybook themed play structures (see Russell in a pirate ship, above) and on Saturday they hosted Tales and Ales to celebrate the park’s 56th anniversary…”solo cup style”. We got unlimited tastes of local beers, and finally got to try “Not Your Father’s Root Beer” which we first heard about from Russell’s cousin earlier this month. (My verdict: tasted just like root beer, despite being 5% ABV, but since I’m not a root beer lover to begin with, it wasn’t my favorite)

The bizarre part of the night had to do with the fact that there were dozens of kids running around while the adults indulged in the libations 😉 Afterward, we headed back downtown and grabbed a slice at Pizzeria Urbano before walking home. For those keeping track at home, yes this makes 2 days in a row of pizza. #iregretnothing!


We woke up bright and early on Sunday for our softball game and were a little bummed that the other team forfeited – but had a fun scrimmage anyway. Afterward, we went to Coin-Op, a bar with video games, for food and Free Play Sunday. No quarters required! Russell kicked my butt at Giant Connect 4 and we had more pizza (not pictured). I played multi-player Pacman, Frogger, Daytona USA, and watched the rest of my team square off in basketball shooting contests. We made another stop before settling at Streets for dinner – I got a buffalo chicken wrap and saved half for lunch today, but ended up eating it sans tortilla as soon as I got home. Hungry hungry hippo status…

That’s it for this weekend! Have a great week!

How often do you eat pizza? Each kind we had this weekend was so different that it didn’t feel wrong!

Do you prefer weekends spent traveling, or staying put?

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