Fitness Friday: September Running Goals

Happy Friday! For the past couple of months, I’ve been trying to get into a more regular running routine. After my last half marathon the first week of May, it took me a little over a month to start running again, and I’ve been slowly getting back into it since mid-June. After a month or two of consistently running twice a week (with bootcamp, weight lifting, and a little 18 mile hike mixed in), I’m starting to feel more confident about my endurance and pace, and I’ve decided I’m finally in a good place to set myself some running goals!

After my last half, I decided no more long distance runs this year. That’s for several reasons, but mostly because of all the aches and pains I was experiencing. I ran 3 half marathons in 14 months! Doin’ too much, Katie…However, I would love to run the Shamrock’n Half again in March 2016, and instead of starting my training from practically nothing in December or January, I want to start to build my distance and endurance now. It is literally a marathon, not a sprint 😉

So, I have two long term goals…

  1. Be able to run a 10K in November (Sadly I missed the registration deadline for Beat The Blerch which I REALLY wanted to do, and we have a race on Thanksgiving, but at a very minimum I just want to be able to run 6 miles)
  2. Run Shamrock’n in March 2016

Before I get into my running goals for this month specifically, let’s take a look at the month of August as a point of reference. This was my best month this summer! A little different than the summers of yore (last year I was running 7-9 miles every Saturday. #crazyperson), but still an improvement from previous months:

August15 runs

Not listed on this calendar: (because it makes me feel better about only running 8 times last month 😉 )

  • 3 Mondays of Tabata Bootcamp (I think…maybe only 2!)
  • A 9-mile hike on August 8th, and 18-mile hike on August 23rd
  • Cardio & Nike+ Training Club workouts on every Wednesday or Friday (I rarely go both days 😛 )

For my monthly goals, I’m taking a page out of the lovely Becky‘s book: Becky likes to make three goals (she calls them A-B-C or 1-2-3 goals): one that is an achievable, minimum requirement; one that is challenging but still doable; and a last goal that is more challenging, and would exceed expectations.

So here are my A-B-C running goals for September:

A- 11 runs (1)

A – Do 11 runs: I want to challenge myself to do at least 2 weekend runs in addition to my usual 8. I was originally going to say 10 runs total, assuming that I run 2x per week during the week and add 2 weekend runs. However, it appears there are 4.5 weeks in September, so I will already be at 9 without any weekend runs. I’m no cheater, so I worked that into my calculation!

B – Hit a distance of 4 miles at least twice: My loosey goosey training plan for hitting 10k in November is to get up to 4 miles this month, 5 miles in October, and 6 in November. I figure aiming to hit each max distance twice is a good minimum requirement, and if I do more, awesome. The big challenge with this one is that I am not good about waking up early enough to get a full 4 mile run in before work anymore. I’m sure the shorter days won’t be helping that cause anytime soon either!

C – Hit 38.5 miles total: Achieving this goal would mean that if I do 11 runs this month, I will have to average 3.5 miles per run. This past month, I ran 8 times and averaged 3.25 miles per run (26 total). In order to hit this goal, I’ll have to do a lot more 3.5 mile runs and a lot less 3 mile runs…hence the fact it is listed down here as my most challenging goal 😉

Post Run

Standard post-run routine: stand in front of fan on full blast.

So those are my goals for this month! Now that they’re written on the Internet for everyone to see, I guess I’ll actually have to work toward them, right? #Yikes

How do you set goals? I’ve never done it this way before but I like having a spectrum of outcomes to aim for 🙂

Did you set any goals or New Years resolutions this year? What were they and how are they going?

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