Birthday Week in Photos

I can’t remember the last time I started a blog post with a sentence other than something like, “so this post is a little delayed, but…” Apparently I’ve been busy!

Last Thursday (September 24th) was my birthday! Pretty much every year since I’ve had this blog, I’ve done some sort of birthday post, so I didn’t want to abandon the tradition! For fun you can check out my 25th birthday quarter life crisis (I was nearing the end of a really rough year) and my 26th birthday photo post (a rough year is best followed by a re-building year!).

Age 26 was kind of a weird one for me. It is so strange to me that for an entire year I have had a job that I like, kept up regular exercise (ran 2 half marathons) and a healthy diet with no significant physical ailments (besides my scary bike crash and hospital stay), and am in a healthy loving relationship (with someone whose terrible jokes make me laugh just as much today as they did a year ago).

I guess I just got used to things being wrong.

I definitely still find little things to complain about from time to time, as I’m sure we all do, but overall I am a lucky girl! Case in point: my birthday celebrations lasted a whole week! Read on for more 🙂


I kept going back and forth between whether I wanted to celebrate the weekend before or after my birthday, and most of the celebrating ended up happening before. To honor one of my fave Saturday morning routines, I went for a slowww 4 mile run (more on my September goals soon, I promise!!) and hit up the Farmer’s Market afterward.


After the farmer’s market, we scored tickets to the California Brewer’s Festival and tasted some delicious brews! Our friend who works at local brewery Hoppy Brewing even let Russell pour for a few lucky customers 😉


Near the end of the festival, we skedaddled our way over to West Sacramento for TBD Fest (my birthday present!). What started as a 1-day music festival in a park Downtown a few years ago has become TBD Fest, a 3-day music & arts festival in an up-and-coming area of West Sac akin to Coachella/Outside Lands and the like.

Since I was in college, I have been really into Ratatat, an electronic “rocktronica” band, and as soon as I heard that they were playing at TBD Fest on Saturday, I really wanted to go. It had been so long since I had been to a real concert, let alone a music festival, and in a lot of ways I felt like I was too old for this sh*t but I was pretty pleasantly surprised at how long I could hang with the cool kids 😉 We also saw Mobb Deep, Porter Robinson, and Pretty Lights (pictured above), who had awesome visual effects! Guess their name is appropriate.


Thursday was my actual birthday and, after a quick run in the morning I was surprised that someone had let himself into my apartment and left me presents! (and lots of hearts!) At the office, I was treated to cupcakes and flowers, and went out with friends and coworkers to happy hour after work. Lucca, a nice nearby restaurant/bar had happy hour all night! Small bites & cheap cocktails…a perfect night!


I originally thought about staying in town for my birthday weekend for more celebrating, but decided I was too birthday’d out for another birthday brunch or festivities, so Russell and I decided to drive up to his hometown for the Kelseyville Pear Festival. It was an awesome day full of pear treats, drinks, and apparently lots of puppies?! Pictured are Russell’s mom’s dog Raab, a mini Australian Shepherd for sale at the festival, and Russell’s sister’s dog Trigger. All. Da. Puppieeeeessss.

It was really nice to be able to visit Russell’s family, as they live extremely close to last month’s Valley Fire, which ravaged the homes of several nearby towns in Lake County. Many of their friends’ homes were destroyed (over 1,000 homes total), and it’s just crazy to think that if a gust of wind had gone differently, it would have been their town that had burned down and not Middletown. 🙁


That night, we had an amazing dinner – it was delicious, and totally a group effort with everyone taking care of a different dish. We spent most of the next day lounging around and watching football. That evening we got to visit with Russell’s niece and nephew (pictured) who is 4 months old and a whopping 19 lbs! #ThatsABigBaby

The lovely weekend came to an end when I arrived home at 10pm to a leaky spot in my bathroom ceiling 🙁 Fingers crossed that there isn’t too much damage to my apartment! I left the repairman a note so he knew exactlyyyy where to look 😉

That’s it for my birthday *week*! Have a great weekend!

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