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Well, hello there! Long time no blog. (4 months to the day, to be exact!)

That is a shocking amount of time to have gone sans blogging, especially considering that I’d been going pretty strong – at least a couple times per month – for the last 5 years.

(OK, real talk, it was 4 months to the day when I originally wrote this post, but it has legit sat in my Drafts pile for a whopping 12 days. Now you guys see what I’m talking about!)

Not too long after my last post, I got a promotion at work. In the months since, it feels like there have been quite a few weeks, and probably even month-long stretches really, where work and my “extra-curricular” life are so hectic that all I want to do when I get home (which is often not til 8pm) is have a glass of wine and veg out on the couch. And you better bet that, given the option, wine always wins 😉

I’ve always used this blog as a way to keep myself accountable to health & fitness goals, but I’ve found myself realizing that I’ve finally gotten to the point where exercising and eating well has become such an ingrained part of my lifestyle that it comes more naturally to me now than it has in the past.

That’s not to say that I couldn’t improve and achieve new goals, but I’ve realized that I’ve got a good baseline going right now that I’m happy with. I make my own healthy lunch at least 4 days a week, exercise 4-5 days a week, and I drink a healthy amount of wine and beer to balance it out 😉

Sidenote: When I first wrote this blog post 12 days ago, that was still the case…I have since come down with bronchitis, which evolved into terrible nasal/sinus/head congestion which has left me unable to fully hear out of my ears for the past 4 days. So apart from a couple of Ultimate Frisbee games, I actually have not worked out since the day I wrote this post 🙁

Last time I checked in, I had just signed up for ClassPass. I stuck with my 5 class per month ClassPass membership from April until just this past month. I found myself using it to go to only 2 studios: a nearby hot pilates studio that has Kettlebells classes (which I’d always go to the maximum times I was allowed each month) and a strength & conditioning gym the rest of the time. I decided to bite the bullet and pay a little more per class but do all my classes at the Kettlebells studio — this way I can actually go every week. I’m really excited about the improvements I’ve made strength-training wise, and the classes are fun!

And because I am me (AKA the photo queen), here are some photos to fill you in on the last 4 months:

on the start of the Road to Hana

Last time I wrote, I said I’d post a “recap soon about our trip to Maui!” #fail… The day after my half marathon in March, we went to Maui and had a fun trip full of snorkeling, sunsets, beach bummin’, biking down a volcano at sunrise (because of course Russell would convince me to do something like this), and Mai Tais.


In April, I spent a girls weekend in Santa Barbara (where I went to college) for my college roomie Robin’s bachelorette weekend. We hit up all our old favorite spots, some new ones, and I was painfully reminded that I no longer have the liver of a 21 year old.


I worked a 15 hour day at the Sacramento Pride Parade & Festival and met Tony Goldwyn from Scandal. Apparently he’s kind of a big deal?

The next day, I seized on an opportunity to get VIP tickets for my mom and I to not just see Hillary Clinton speak in Sacramento, but we got to stand on stage behind her! It was 2 days before California’s Primary Election, and it was such a memorable mother-daughter experience…Even if it was 105 degrees and we had to stand for 4 hours straight.

Fast forward to July, and a trip to Denver to celebrate Robin’s wedding! Such a fun wedding, and we had a great time exploring the Denver area! (Russell and I spent our last day doing both a tour of Mile High Stadium AND a Rockies game at Coors Field!) Extra points to Robin for letting us choose super cute bridesmaids dresses! *insert dancing girls emoji here*

That just about sums it up for these past 4 months! The only thing I failed to mention is the fact that I’ve been playing Pokémon Go like a crazy person and staying up wayyy too late watching the Olympics. (but haven’t we all?)

When you find yourself with too many things on your to-do list, what’s the first thing you abandon? Obviously my blog ranks low on my list, but I’ve also been known to skip gym trips in favor of doing an 8 Minute Abs video and calling it a day.

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