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A New Kind of Challenge: Best Buddies Hearst Castle

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It’s no secret that I am very connected to my beach cruiser.


(all my favorite things in one picture ;) )

It’s also no secret that I like races. I’ve participated in my fair share over the past year and a half, since my first 5k in April 2013.



So it’s interesting that all of my races up until this point have only been running races (OK, so the Color Run was mostly walking…and trying to drink wine out of a plastic bag…maybe not my finest fitness moment ;) ).

I have made the decision that for my training for my next half marathon, I will most likely only be running twice a week and using Ultimate Frisbee once a week as my “speed training”. As for my other workouts, I am going to continue strength training but am also looking into other group classes at my gym for cross training.

A few of my coworkers swear by TEAMride, a wildly popular indoor cycling studio here in Sacramento — AKA spin class. My gym has spin classes as well, and I’m most likely going to start trying them out, because…

I have signed up to participate in the Best Buddies Challenge — Hearst Castle! Continue reading

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my last juice! and so festive

Peel’d 3-Day Cleanse Recap

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Well, here we are on Thursday, and I’ve survived my 3-day Peel’d Cleanse!

Here’s a recap of what I wasn’t allowed to eat:

Refined Sugar

As a supplement to your three day diet of basically fruits, veggies, and nuts, Peel’d supplies a smoothie, two juices, and a salad each day. Here’s my recap! Continue reading


Fitness Friday — Oops I Did It Again

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Happy Friday!

Thanks for all of your support and patience with my blog switch! I am really excited about my new name and the new site. Now that I worked out all my design kinks (guess who is now a CSS pro — THIS girl!), I promise you’ll be seeing a lot more content generation.

I have a lot of exciting things coming up, including races and a repeat of last year’s 3-day pre-July 4th juice cleanse! I’m pumped to be doing it again because this time, they include a salad each day, AND three of my coworkers will be doing it too so we will all be HANGRY healthy together. ;) #HealthHappensHere #solidarity Continue reading

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Weekend in Photos

Hey friends! Welcome to my new and improved blog, Run Now, Wine Later.

I’m still working out some design kinks, but for the most part you are seeing a new and improved blog!

Like I said back at the ol’ blog, there are a few reasons for the switch:

This phrase truly does epitomize the essence of Katie in a number of ways. It not only highlights what I usually write about in my “healthy living blog” (pretty much every single one of my Weekend in Photos posts is a compilation of workout selfies juxtaposed with pictures of mimosas at brunch)…but it also reflects the philosophy I’ve worked to adopt these past few years:
Get your booty movin’ each morning so that you can earn that glass of wine or beer after work. Eat fruit and granola for breakfast and a salad for lunch so you can indulge on a burger and fries for dinner. Being healthy and happy is not about depriving yourself, but about finding a healthy balance.

Anyway, I have a lot of things planned for this new look and new motto, including upcoming races and new and different fitness challenges. But before we tackle that, let’s kick things off with one of my favorite regular posts… my weekend in photos! Continue reading

On Having a Sprained Foot & “Taking it Easy” at Blend

As you all may remember, a little over two weeks ago I rolled my ankle on an acorn/pinecone/who knows what on my long run.

Pretty much we all can agree it was probably not my smartest choice to continue running another 5 miles after I pulled something in my foot on mile 3. I was in the middle of the trail, what other choice did I have?! I didn’t realize how bad it was until I stopped!!

Ahem. I digress. Continue reading

Flashback Friday — 4 Years After Graduation

Four years ago today, I graduated from UC Santa Barbara with BA’s in Global Studies and French.


I’ve been out of college for just as long as I was in it. That’s a strange feeling.

I didn’t really know what laid ahead for me on June 13th, 2010. I have always had a lot of interests…maybe too many. I like to dabble in a little bit of everything…but never a whole lot of one thing. We had 3 months left on the lease on our apartment in Isla Vista, so my roommates and I stayed and worked on campus for the summer, soaking up every minute of the Isla Vista “college life” that we could. Blissfully unaware of what we (or at least I) would do when the summer ended. Continue reading

Blend Retreat 2014: What Healthy Living Bloggers Eat on Vacation

So there’s this pretty generally accepted notion that if you’re on vacation, you can’t eat healthy.

While it’s definitely harder to watch what you eat – and much easier to overeat – when traveling, I don’t think it’s impossible to come back from a trip weighing the same you did when you left.

That being said, I ate a LOT this weekend at Blend Retreat. And my favorite part about eating with these ladies is that, before every meal, we ALL whip out our phones to take pictures of our food. Healthy living bloggers, you are so my people.

Anyway, I digress. I definitely ate a lot this weekend. But I also kept my booty movin’! I took 14,000 steps on Friday and 20,000 steps on Saturday..dang!

But this post is not about exercise. That post is forthcoming. This post is about not feeling guilty, it is about indulging (but not too much), and it is about balance. Balancepeople! Continue reading

Blend Retreat Weekend in Photos

Hello from 15,000 feet :) I’m writing this post (or at least starting it…I’ve got Mad Men to watch!) on my flight back from Salt Lake City. I’m also clinging on to the armrest for dear life and listening to Disney music to distract me during what has been a frighteningly bumpy takeoff! Thank god I stole some of Lindsay’s Dramamine during the car ride from Park City ;)

It’s a sad day not only because I have to go back to work and reality tomorrow (today by the time you read this), but also because I’ll be landing in 106 degree Sacramento weather. Can’t I live in perfect 75 degree Park City forever??

This weekend post will be a short one- I’ll definitely be writing a few in-depth posts about Blend Retreat later this week. The food, the fitness, the swag… You will get the lowdown on allllll of it! Here’s your sneak peek: Continue reading