Nike Womens Half Marathon SF Recap

I did it, guys.

I survived another half marathon!


Aaaand there were firefighters in suits at the end. #notcomplaining

Before I forget everything, I want to go through my day before/morning of prep, the Nike Women’s Half Marathon itself, and thoughts afterward. For the record, my thoughts after my first half marathon and before this one were that I would probably aim to run 2 per year going forward. Before I had even gotten more than halfway through my training for this race, I decided that was probably unsustainable. I will definitely run more half marathons, but 2 per year might be a bit excessive 😉 Continue reading

Fitness Friday — Oops I Did It Again

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Happy Friday!

Thanks for all of your support and patience with my blog switch! I am really excited about my new name and the new site. Now that I worked out all my design kinks (guess who is now a CSS pro — THIS girl!), I promise you’ll be seeing a lot more content generation.

I have a lot of exciting things coming up, including races and a repeat of last year’s 3-day pre-July 4th juice cleanse! I’m pumped to be doing it again because this time, they include a salad each day, AND three of my coworkers will be doing it too so we will all be HANGRY healthy together. 😉 #HealthHappensHere #solidarity Continue reading